Aniplex Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Deputy Director, Hiroshi, Hiroshi. One · Xbox Series X | S · STeam) We announced the announcement of the production of “additional character pack”. In addition, downloaded version bookings of Nintendo Switch version released on June 9, 2022, we also announced that it started from 10:00 on Monday, April 11.

# Today Nintendo Switch “Ikincle Blade Hinokami Blood-style” Download Book!

Aniplex Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Deputy Director, Hiroshi, Hiroshi. ONE · Xbox Series X | S · STeam) We announced the production of “additional character pack”. In addition, downloaded version bookings of Nintendo Switch version to be released on June 9, 2022, we will also inform you of the start of April 11 (Mon) 10 o’clock.

The “Additional Character Pack” will be a fee for delivering new characters that can be used in the “match” Varsus mode “match” of “Kirinoki Hinokami Hemorbaki”. The first is scheduled to be delivered in the summer of 2022, and the additional character was “Uzumien”, which made the dead fight against the demon in the TV anime “Kirinaki Blade” Yokoro. Today, I also published the Visual of Umotic Tengu, which was created based on the 3D character model in the game. Also, after the second, Six characters of “Orihime” “Yoto Taro” are divided into multiple times and paid content delivery regularly. You can enjoy the characters and techniques that appear in the Yoshio Hen, while playing with your own hands.

In the download version that started reservations from today, it comes with the early release key as a benefit. In addition, as a reservation benefit for downloaded versions, early release key “Kims Gakuen, Kimono ????? Gosho” “Kims Gakuen, Me Wife Good”, “Kims Gakuen, Yangto Yoshinosuke” is available, and after purchase It is possible to use the character immediately.

■ Nintendo E shop “Ikinct Blade Hinolochemic Hemorbaki” Download Edition Reservation Page

【Product Summary】

# [Product content]

normal version

● Package

● Download

# # Figure Multi-standed quantity limited edition

※ The following is included in the game data from the beginning as a Nintendo Switch version.
· Kims point (16000 points) ※ 4 equivalent to the early opening of the character
· Game costume
“Hingy residing patient clothes”
“Chimmes Gakuen Additional Costume” (Kims Gakuen, Kimono Cabaya / Kims Gakuen, Kimono ????

The early release key is a benefit that the character described can be played from the beginning with the Versus mode “match”.
Game costumes are available in Versus mode.
Kims point is an in-game item that can be replaced with domestic rewards. (16000 points will be the amount of points equivalent to the early release of 4 characters.)
Enjoying online play in Versus mode You need to join Nintendo Switch Online.
In order to use the online function, you need to apply the latest update data.
“Download version bonus” is a benefit for a long lasting.
“Download version reservation benefits” can be obtained by booking until the date before release.
Figure Multi-Standed Quantity Limited Edition Complete Edition “Hinokami Hemataki Hemorous” Original Figure Multistand is similar to PlayStation 4 version.
The expiration date of the download code flyer (early release key) is scheduled for one year from the release date.
Please contact each store for details on the operation and benefits of purchase benefits by store.
Contents and specifications may be partially changed without notice.

# [Overview of the Works]

# # TV anime “Iki no Blade”

Shueisha Jump Comics Volume 1 ~ 23 Volume Cumulative Council Cartoon Works with Masashi Kamisan, which has breached a total of ¥ 180 million. UFOTABLE produces anime.
A boy who was killed by a demon and a boy who has become a demon sister’s sister’s 禰 ????????????????? Television anime “Iki Blade” Television Started Broadcasting of the Television Cermaid “Ikushiro Kashiwa Hen, the movie version” Ikincture Blade “in October 2020 published an infinite train, and from 2021 to 2022, TV anime” De-On-Linked Blade “Infinite Train Hen and Yol Hen was broadcasted and distributed, and television animation of Soragi Mith village has also been announced.
People and demons’ scraps, devil’s comedy, and then drawn comical scenes are also popular, and it is a big topic in the whole world, not only in the country.

Official Site: https: //

※ The character-by-character game visual is a visual created based on the 3D model in the game by Cybercycle Cercive Co., Ltd., a development company.

※ 禰 ???? ‘s “禰 ????” is the correct notation “Ne +.”
※ The “Like J.” in the prison “Type + East” is the correct notation.

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