KO SPI 192080 (CEO Kim Ga-ram) announced on the 15th that it was selected as a youth-friendly and small company hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for two consecutive years with its subsidiary Doubloon Interactive (NASDAQ DDI).

The Ministry of Employment and Labor has selected youth-friendly and medium-sized companies every year since 2016 with the goal of promoting young people.


Selection requirements include wages, work and living balance, and employment security.
The selected companies receive various benefits such as recruitment support service, corporate promotion, and preferential treatment for financial and tax investigations.

W. Games explained that it was highly regarded as a variety of welfare systems in the selection of youth-friendly Jiangsu companies.
W. Games introduced homework once a week, welfare points, flexible work, health keeper operation, and three meals a day to create a stable working environment.

In February, a recruitment briefing was held using the meta bus platform.

W. Games is the largest social casino game company in Korea.
The Doubloon Casino and Double Occasion, a global social casino game platform, have been playing the role of cash cow (revenue creation source) for a long time.
Based on this, W. Games is currently actively promoting new businesses such as P2E skill games and i-gaming.

An official of W. Games said, We have been able to be selected for the youth-friendly and small company for two consecutive years because we have spared no investment in creating a working environment for employees.