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NBA 2K23: The complete guide to making a flashy pass

The NBA 2K23 franchise is one of the most popular in gaming, and for a good reason. These games are realistic and feature high-quality graphics to immerse you in action. However, while these games are very popular, they are very demanding on your computer hardware. In this article, we’ll see how NBA 2K23’s gorgeous passing system affects your computer’s performance. By analyzing how the game uses various graphics settings and Pass Quality settings, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of how much hardware power you need to run the game smoothly.


NBA 2K23: Flashy Passing Guide

In NBA 2K23, you can pass the ball to your teammates to help create shots and score. Here are 4 tips for making these passes look great:

  1. Use the right hand. The right hand is often used to pass the ball in basketball, so use it when creating flashy passes.
  2. Use body posture. Position yourself in a way that makes the pass look visually appealing—for example, leaning your body toward the target player or using a spinning motion to create visual interest.
    You’ll want to create the illusion of magic! 3. Use actions. Make sure your passes look smooth and natural, without too much or too little movement.
  3. Use spin and flair. Add some flair and spin to your passes by using quick fakes or changing the natural angle of the pass. This will give it extra vibrancy.
  4. Be creative! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques and moves to create the most visually appealing pass. Remember, there is no “right” way to make a gorgeous pass – only the way that looks best on screen!

NBA 2K23: Make a Flashy Passing Guide

Basketball is more than just a sports game. It involves thinking and planning, assessing the overall situation on the pitch, and making split-second decisions that can make or break a game. You must be subtle and quick in planning and execution so other NBA 2K teams can’t capture what’s going on in your head, or they’ll fight back against your ideas.

There’s no question that flashy passing is a great way to score points in basketball. But how do you make one? Here are some tips:

  • Start by going into a low stance with your feet together. This will help you move quickly and easily.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and ready to shoot. Keep your eyes on the ball, and don’t worry about anything else.
  • Give the ball some spin when throwing it. This will make it look even more impressive when it falls into the rim.

What helps during a pass is to trick the enemy into thinking one thing but doing the opposite to upset the opponent’s overall balance. The flashy pass helps a lot in this regard.

A flashy pass can take a bit of skill to perfect, but if you make up your mind, you can do whatever you want. Before you can start making a Flashy Pass, you must meet some prerequisites.

By default, by setting to normal in the controller settings, if you want to make a Flashy Pass, first you have to go to Settings>Controller Settings>Passing: Flashy.

With that out of the way, all you have to do to make a gorgeous pass on the pitch is press your pass button. This is the R1 for PlayStation and the RB for Xbox. Just point the analog stick at the player you want to pass to.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to mess with your default pass and still keep the option for normal passing, you can leave the Passing Option in the Controller settings to Normal.

Tips for Making a Flashy Passing in NBA 2K23

Anyone can use a few tricks to make a gorgeous pass in the NBA K game.

  1. Always try to keep the ball low. This will give you more control and allow you to make quick decisions.
  2. Pay attention to your surroundings. You never know who might be lurking behind you, waiting to grab the ball.
  3. Make sure your pass looks gorgeous and cool. This will help you intimidate your opponents and score easily in NBA 2K games.


NBA 2K23 is one of the most popular sports video games, and for a good reason. It’s an incredibly fun game that anyone can play. However, if you want to put your skills on display and show off some flashy passes, you need to make sure you have NBA 2K23: The Official Videogame installed on your device.

NBA 2K23: The complete guide to getting an in MyCareer!

If you’re a basketball fan looking to get your hands on NBA 2K23, then you will want to read this article. In it, we’ll be giving you tips on how to get started in NBA 2K23 MyCareer, the mode in which you can create your player and compete in a simulated NBA 2K23 season. So whether you’re brand new to the game or just looking for a little help getting started, read on!

How do Endorsements work in NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

In MyCareer, you can earn endorsements by playing well in games and earning positive feedback from your coaches. Endorsements give you advantages in the game, including increased stats and a higher rank.

To endorse someone, click on the “Endorsements” tab on their profile. Then, select the player you want to endorse and click on the “Endorsement” button. This will take you to a screen where you can choose how much money you want to give them as an endorsement fee. You can also give them a percentage of your salary or donate money to their charity.

How to get an endorsement in NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

To get an endorsement in MyCareer, you first need to make it to the NBA 2K23 Draft. After you are drafted, you will need to sign a contract with an NBA team. Once you have signed your contract, you need to get an endorsement from a professional basketball player. This cannot be easy, but there are ways to get an endorsement.

One way to get an endorsement is to speak with players at the NBA 2K23 training camp. This is a great way to get introduced to players and learn about their careers. You can also reach out to agents who work with professional basketball players. They can help you find the right player or agent to endorse your product or game.

Finally, it is important to target the right endorsements. Some endorsements are more difficult to obtain than others. If your product or game is unique, reaching out to top-level athletes may be more difficult. However, if your product or game is similar to other products or games that athletes endorse, it may be easier to get endorsements from them. It is important to research which endorsements are available and target those that will help you grow your MyCareer as quickly as possible.

Who can endorse you in NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

To get an in-game endorsement from an NBA 2K player, you first need to be nominated by a MyCareer teammate. You can then accept or decline the nomination.

If you accept the nomination, your MyCareer teammate will give you a specific task to complete to earn the endorsement. After completing the task, your MyCareer teammate will give you the go-ahead to begin filming the commercial.

Players who endorse you in MyCareer will receive a share of all revenue generated from the commercial. They will also be listed as a co-brand ambassador on your player page and in-game.

What are the requirements for endorsements in NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

An endorsement in the NBA 2K23 is a special license that allows players to wear an additional name on their jersey. There are different types of endorsements, but the most common are “in my career” and “game-used.”

To get an endorsement, you first need to fulfill its requirements. These requirements can vary from league to league, but you usually need to have played in at least one game with the team that wants to endorse you and meet certain performance standards. Additionally, you must have good behavior off the court and be willing to sign a long-term contract.

Once you meet the requirements, teams will often give you a tryout. If you’re successful in this trial, you’ll be offered a contract and an endorsement. It’s important to remember that endorsements can be revoked at any time, so it’s important to make a good impression during your tryout.

How do I accept an endorsement in NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

To get an endorsement from an NBA 2K player, you first need to contact them directly. You can find their contact information on their website or social media. Once you’ve contacted them, you’ll need to ask them if they would be interested in endorsing your product or service.

Some players may require compensation for their endorsement. Others may only be willing to endorse products marketed specifically toward basketball fans. Once you’ve determined the terms of the endorsement, you’ll need to prepare a proposal and submit it to the player.

How long does it take for an endorsement to expire in NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

An endorsement, or contract with a team, is an agreement between a player and a team that allows the player to use the team’s name, images, and other properties in exchange for 2K23 MT NBA.

Endorsements typically last for three years, but they can sometimes expire sooner. When an endorsement expires, the player can no longer use the team’s name, images, or other properties.

Players must notify their team of changes to their endorsement status within ten days. If a player does not notify his team in time, the team can assume that the endorsement continues to be valid.

How to Get Recognized in NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

Maximizing all your endorsement deals is one of the best ways to level up MyPlayer in NBA 2K23. They’re essentially incentive-based contracts from the brand, providing lots of 2K23 MT for specific events and performance-based incentives for playing the game.

Once a brand offers you an endorsement deal, you can negotiate the amount of VC you will receive and the number of incentives you will receive. You can then choose rewards based on actions and challenges.

To earn an endorsement in NBA 2K23 MyCareer, you will need:

  • Go to the Progress tab in MyCareer.
  • Look for “Endorsement” in the list of options. If it hasn’t been unlocked, you’ll need to focus on upgrading the player’s fan sheet.
  • Boost your fan gauge by playing games and supporting fans in press conferences.

What happens if I decline/refuse an endorsement?

If you decline/refuse an endorsement from an NBA 2K23 team, there are a few possible outcomes. First, the team will likely try to find another player willing to endorse the team. If that doesn’t work, the team might remove your name or number from the promotional materials. Finally, if the team can’t find a replacement, they might give up and not use your image in any way.

Are there any other benefits to endorsements?

Other benefits to having an endorsement deal with a professional sports team or organization. These benefits can include increased brand exposure, income, and opportunities to meet and network with high-profile people.

Some of the other benefits of endorsements include increased exposure for your brand. This is because endorsements often appear in commercials, online ads, and on the front page of newspapers. An endorsement deal with a professional sports team or organization can also help you build your brand. Your name will be associated with a prestigious organization or sports team.

Another benefit of endorsements is increased income. This is because you will receive a percentage of the company’s revenue from the endorsement contract. Additionally, many companies offer bonus payments if you reach certain milestones or goals related to the endorsement contract.

Finally, endorsements can allow you to meet and network with high-profile people. This is because professional athletes often have a lot of influence over society and the economy. By meeting and networking with these individuals, you can learn about new opportunities and strategies for increasing your business’s success.

  1. Follow the NBA 2K23 rules
  2. Make sure you are following all of your school’s policies
  3. Do your research and make a great impression on NBA teams
  4. Make yourself available for workouts and pre-draft visits
  5. You may have to put in a lot of work, but eventually, you will get an opportunity with an NBA 2K23 team
  6. Stay positive and don’t give up hope
  7. Be prepared for anything and everything that comes your way in the NBA 2K23 process
  8. Keep your head down and focus on your work ethic
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family, friends, or the basketball community
  10. Remember, it takes a village to raise a basketball superstar!

FIFA 22 TOTW 35 Release Time, Predictions, and Team of the Week Announcement

This time around, EA SPORTS has made some critical changes to the Team of the Week promotion after years of players demanding an overhaul of the performance system.
In previous years, performance-based cards had lost some of their shine. The near-weekly Ultimate Team promotions outpaced the TOTW promotion, and EA SPORTS knew a change was needed. In FIFA 22, each Team will include a Featured Team of the Week, in which the selected player will receive a powerful stat boost from them.
Here’s everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 midweek promo, including when the first TOTW roster will drop and DexertoES weekly predictions that will be updated weekly.

When will TOTW 35 be released?
On May 18, FIFA publishers EA SPORTS released the new Team of the Week cards batch. FOLLOWING THE TRADITIONAL SCHEDULE, the TOTW 35 promotion was launched at 7:00 p.m.

On this occasion, many of the predictions have been fulfilled, barely leaving room for any new surprises:

TOTW 35 Predictions
Lukasz Fabiański – West Ham
Niki Mäenpää – Venise FC
Theo Hernandez – AC Milan
Alfonso Pedraza – Villarreal
Jonathan Clauss – RC Lens
James Tavernier – Rangers F.C.
Selva Ferrer – Spezia Calcio
Wataru Endō – VfB Stuttgart
Daizen Maeda – Celtic F.C.
Sebastian Blanco – Portland Timbers
Timothy Weah – LOSC Lille
Jonas Hofmann – Borussia Monchengladbach
James Madison – Leicester City
Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City
Vinicius Junior – Real Madrid
Levi Garcia – AEK Athens FC
Lionel Messi – PSG
Wissam Ben Yedder – AS Monaco
Lautaro Martinez – Inter Milan
Taiwo Awoniyi – Union Berlin
Andy Delort – OGC Nice
Gianluca Scamacca – US Sassuolo

Best Cell Phones of the Black Friday 2021

These Are The Best iPhone 13 Deals (Black Friday 2021)
We continue with the offers of Black Friday and this time it is time to talk about cell phones. We already encompassed video game, computers and even televisions, but if you are looking for it is to change that old phone then you have reached the right place. Xiaomi Redmi 10 carbon gray 6gb ram 128gb ROM (from $6 thousand 999 to $5 thousand 299) ZTE Smartphone Blade V30 Vita 128 GB 6.82 Gray ($5,99 to $ 4mil 154) Apple iPhone 7 128 GB Black Matte released from Fabric ($3 thousand 997 to $3 thousand 499) ZTE smartphone blade A71 64 GB 6.52 Unlocked gray ($3 thousand 54 to $2 thousand 745) Realm GT Master Edition 5G Dual 128 GB 6 GB RAM ($8 thousand 999 to $8 thousand 129) Source: Amazon

Far Cry 6 narrates the ins and outs of its development in an official documentary

This is a listing of strategy for releXbox Seriese or currently available for acquisition on the Stadia cloud gaming service.
There are presently 261 titles on this listing.

Ubisoft hXbox Series announced the premiere of the official documentary by Far Cry 6, which can already be enjoyed on the YouTube channel of MTV. Revolution: A Far Cry Story brings together the developers of the Toronto study to explain how they moved their creative vision to the product. They tell personal stories and show scenes ‘behind the camerXbox Series’ with actors like Giancarlo Esposito himself, which embodies the dictator Anton CXbox Seriestillo in the game. You can see the free documentary just below these lines.

It hXbox Series been exciting to launch a mXbox Seriessive game to millions of people from all over the world, but we did not have any idea, when we start the development, that we would edit it during a pandemic, and changed everything, explains David Havarti, Narrative Director at Ubisoft Toronto We went from being on a boisterous and pointer studio in Toronto or Search for solutions for unique problems we had never thought to face, on the stillness of our homes. Growing the view back, it wXbox Series great to be able to get together in what wXbox Series a personal project for all of us.

Revolution: A Far Cry Story hXbox Series been produced by MTV, Ubisoft Toronto and So Press. MTV is owned by French company and is dedicated to Gaming culture.

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FAR CRY loses its executive producer

Dan hXbox Series said goodbye recently, he hXbox Series left Ubisoft after many years in the company. The producer of Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5, among other projects, hXbox Series not communicated the reXbox Seriesons for him’s decision. What is known is that Sandra Warren will be the substitute of him in office. Be that Xbox Series it may, in recent months there have been many movements at an internal level within the company, also motivated by the problems of alleged harXbox Seriessment within it.

FAR CRY 6 | Settings Overview | Xbox Series X (4K)
Far Cry 6 is available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Google Stadia. Your first post-payment content hXbox Series Xbox Series protagonist to Veins, Villeins de Far Cry 6, and you can now enjoy it.

No Man s Sky Expeditions playable again Hotfix published

Hello Games introduced 4 expeditions this year, which involves special and closed adventures in the infinite cosmos of space play.

But not all had the time to go with friends on foreign worlds to experience missions.

Now you will receive another opportunity to catch up on this adventure and also the opportunity to earn the Normandy from Mass Effect. Because the expeditions are reactivated.

Here are the new appointments when you can play the expeditions in No Man’s Sky:

Expedition 1 (Pioneer): November 24 to 7 December
Expedition 2 (Beachhead / Normandy): 8 to 21 December
Expedition 3 (Cartographers): 22 December to January 4th
Expedition 4 (Emergence): 5 to 19 January

At the same time, an update with error corrections and improvements has also been published. The patch notes can be found below.

Update 3.73 — patch notes

Fixed to Issue That Could Cause Protected Terrain Edits Inside A Player’s Base To Occasionally Be Overwritten WHEN Downloading many Terrain Edits from Other Player’s Bases.
The Base Computer Can Now Be Picked Up and Moved Within The Bounds of the Base.
Improved The Clarity of Messaging When Placing A Base Computer in Invalid Location.
Fixed to Issue That Could Cause Audio Problems On PlayStation 4.
Wiring Fashion Now Has Access to Rotation and Free Place Options.
Fixed to Issue That Caused The HUD Message That Accompanies Entering A Base to Trigger Too Frequently.
Fixed to Issue That CAUSED The Personal Refiner Audio to Continue to Play Forever IF The Refiner Ran Out of Fuel.

Fixed A Collision Issue With Timber Roof Corner Base Parts.
Fixed A Number of Snapping Issues With Basic Shape Adornment Parts (Cubes, Pyramids, Cylinders, and SO).
Fixed A Number of Collision and Terrain Carving Issues with Small Paving Parts.
Fixed A Collision Issue With One Visual Variant of the Timber Wall With Windows.
Fixed to Issue That Could Cause Base Part Preview Holograms to Be Offset.
The Pipe and Curved Pipe Building Parts Have Been Combined Into A Single New Pipe Part That Adjusts Shape Contextually.
Fixed A Snapping Issue with Byte beat Cables.

You Have A Second Chance! No Man's Sky Frontiers Patch 3.73 Has Some Amazing Fixes

Introduced A Significant Memory Optimization for PlayStation 4.
Introduced A Number of Significant Base Building Physics Optimizations.
Introduced A Significant Base Building Networking Optimization.

Fixed A Number of Rare Issues That Could Cause Planetary Objects to Have No Collision.
Fixed A Rare Issue Where Grass Could Grow Around The Edges of Settlement Building Interiors.
Fixed A Rare Issue That Could Cause NPCs in Settlements to Hover Above Their Chairs.
Fixed A Number of Base Building LOD Issues.
Fixed A Number Of Snapping Issues With Inner Pieces.
Fixed A Number of Issues That Could Cause Settlements to be incorrectly classified on the CBA Scale.
Fixed to Issue That Could Cause Players To Fall Out Of Their Freighter While Constructing New Rooms on Board.

Fixed A Number of Issues That Could Occur When Collecting Rewards After A Fleet Expedition Had Finished.
Fixed to Issue That Could Cause The Armorer Mission to Become Blocked IF Players Destroyed The Targeted Depot From The Air, OR Before The Mission Had Began.
Fixed to Issue That Could Cause Creature-Related Missions from The Nexus to Pick Inappropriate Planets.
Fixed to Issue That Allowed Base Part Duplication Mode to Duplicate Non-Buildable Parts.
Fixed A Rare ISSUE THAT COULD PREVENT PLAYERS FROM Completing The Construction of A Settlement Marketplace.
Fixed to Issue With Base Reporting.
Fixed to Issue That CAUSED THE SPAWN BENEATH YOUR SKIN MILESTONE OF THE EMERGENCE Expedition to Fail to find Any Valid Target When Using the Target Sweep.

Fixed to Xbox-Specific Crash That Could Occur When Loading Corrupted Save Data.
Fixed A Rare Issue That Could Cause Very Large Player Bases to Crash When Loading.
Fixed A XBox-Specific Crash That Could Occur When Running Out of Audio Memory.

Gladbach Jonas Hofmann wants the next step

Twelve game days are completed, and not once the Russia succeeded in the top 6. Since the 1: 1 against FC Bayern for kick-off, equivalent with rank 7 after the first match day, the current 9th place was already the highest of feelings. The upward trend can not be denied by hand: after only four points from the first five games (table space 16) followed in the next seven encounters stately 14 meters, which corresponds to the cut of a Champions League participant.

Jonas Hofmann and Gladbach cruise by Greuther Furth | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC
But the Brussels want more. And climb in the table. We want to continue and need to continue Konstanz. I hope we’re doing the next step now, says Jonas Hoffmann and reminds of the similar starting position at the month’s change. The home win against VFL Bochum at the end of October, the Russians had taken up to three points to a Champions League Square, but then it did not matter to the targeted away win.

The two points we have left in Mainz at the 1: 1 would have already done well, says Hoffmann and relies on one end of this changeable weeks as he calls it. Even after the recent 4-0 against Reuther Fürth, the last Champions League Square, which currently occupies Bayer Leverkusen, again only three counters removed. The next chance for the Brussels, with an away win on the top properly knock.

But when the derby is pending, the table usually plays only a supporting role. This will hardly be different on Saturday. We are aware of the scope of the game. For us — and especially for our fans — it is a very important match, knows Hoffmann and goes optimistically the task in Cologne. The national player gives the clear direction: Our claim is to get the three points in Cologne.

Xbox Game Pass Registration Game 500

The game has exceeded 500 games registered in the game pass that MS is previously being held on the Xbox representative business. As a game path, you can play all the games contained in the game path without purchasing the game individually, if you subscribe to Xbox game subscriptions.

Cloud Gaming (Beta) on PC Walkthrough | Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

This can be confirmed by the Game Pass Counter, which is a statistical page that aggregates the BOX game pass key values. Based on 25 days, the game registered in the game path is collected to 501. These figures integrate a title that duplicates PC and Xbox versions into one.

The number of games supported by the Xbox game path is expected to increase. The page also shows games that will soon be added to the game and the game pass to the future, and 41 games are added to the game, and 62 games will be joined, and 8 will be joined. Comprehensive, it is expected that the total number of games for the time being, is expected to maintain an increase for the time being, than a game that is more than a game that is added to the game.

On the other hand, the number of Xbox Games Pass subscribers published in the formally published XBOX game pass is 1,8 million in January of this year MS is 18 million. In the last October, the specific figures were not disclosed, but the number of subscribers increased by 85.75% from June 30 last year, and it explained that it has recorded a higher growth rate than 71%. In recent years, MS emphasized the importance of game passes. The Phil Spencer, who oversees the Xbox game business, in an interview with the US Media Access (Axis), is still growing in the interview with the US Media Access (Axis), and it is a sustainable service.

Werder Bremen Markus start must probably in Corona

Chaos bei Werder Bremen: Markus Anfang weg, Danijel Zenkovic hat Corona! Und nun, Frank Baumann?

Are you also interested in topics related to Mark Beginning Games?

Mark’s beginning will not go the topic of Corona. The former coach of football second division Welder Bremen must now be quarantined because it was named by the positive interim coach Daniel Djokovic at the Bremen Health Office as a contact person. This reports the mirror. Start had resigned in Bremen because he should have hedged a fake vaccination pass. In addition to Djokovic, Welder’s midfielder Nicolai Rap had also been tested positively on corona despite complete vaccination. Both will not be available on Saturday for the game at Holstein Kiel (20:30 clock).

A cloning error of Pok mon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is discovered

Back in the days of Pokémon red and blue, players discovered a failure that allowed them to create duplicate elements, as rare candy. It seems that Pokémon bright diamond and bright pearl have a similar failure in Nintendo Switch, allowing players to clone a Pokémon, as well as the element he currently has! The error was discovered and shared on Twitter by the user. @ KevinFor5, and take some steps, but if the players do it well, they will copy a Pokémon as they eliminate another. Players who want to achieve this should be careful not to eliminate the Pokémon they want to copy!

How To CLONE Any Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The user of Twitter @orcastraw has provided a video that shows how to solve the problem, which can be found embedded below.

Following the tweet of @ Orchestra, @ KevinFor5 explained that he found the fault simply by accident. I have not tried the fault for myself, but several other Twitter users confirmed in the comments that this method could also be implemented. User @drklcns has also pointed out that moving to the area with failures at the bottom of the picture will make the game freeze, so that is more than readers should take into account.

While this fault may seem familiar to the series fanatics for a long time, there is a big difference between the modern era and the red and blue Pokemon days: Nintendo now has a way of solving this type of failure. Given that, it seems a safe bet that this will be solved quite quickly, especially because it is now extending a lot online. The cloning of rare Pokémon goes against the intention of the game, and The Pokémon Company does not really like that kind of thing. As such, stakeholders in trying this by themselves will want to do it quickly, before a new update is announced!

Pokémon Bright diamond and bright pearl is now available, exclusively in Nintendo Switch. Readers can consult our previous game coverage here.

Have you left? Pokémon Bright and bright pearl ? Do you plan to try this duplication problem? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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