We have actually been waiting on The Callisto Procedure for a long time, the hopes for the survival scary title were excellent.
Not just must the game from Striking Range Studios end up being an intellectual successor to Dead Area, many designers were even hired from former workers of the cult horror video game.
Even the inventor, Glen Schofield, was on board.
We have currently reported, nevertheless, the evaluations of The Callisto Procedure in the global and nationwide press are extremely divided and play the video game with rather average ratings.
And the focus is particularly on the PC variation: there the new scary video game has actually appeared in anything but good technical condition, the Steam ratings are to be launched on mainly unfavorable.
The typical evaluations of the expert press and the criticism of the PC version have actually now reduced the Publisher Grafton share properly into the basement.

The Callisto Procedure with mainly unfavorable reviews

On Steam, probably the biggest and essential platform for PC video games, The Callisto Procedure (now purchase EUR 173.99) for his rather bad technical condition was already penalized: the user reviews of release are at over 5000 votes
Mainly negative.
However, the gamer does not complain about the quality of the story or the gameplay of the horror title.
Rather, the focus is on poor performance and constant stuffers.
For instance, a user writes: I actually wanted the video game that get actually cool however regrettably the efficiency is a joke. In spite of 50 to 60 fps on Ultra, I have mega lags and stalks who simply make the video game unplaced.
Other Steam gamers likewise see it similarly: Again and again it occurs in the video game itself on high-end computers and sometimes even to whole freezes in which the video game reveals a still image.
You can only speculate what this could be.
Recently, games that run rather well on other consoles have actually appeared on the PC with issues.
The most prominent example of these needs to most likely be cyberpunk 2077.
Elden Ring also needed to deal with problems throughout the publication.
One factor for this might be the lack of shader compilation that forces the game to load Shader during the gameplay instead of playing the video game.

spot revealed, stock falls

In the meantime, the designers of Striking Range Studios have actually noticed that something is wrong with their game on the PC and currently revealed an efficiency spot.
This does not help the Publisher Grafton share.
Considering that the release, which provided the scary game rather average ratings from the specialist press and a metacore of 76, it has crashed into the basement: the South Korean publishers’ stock crashed by nearly 10 percent.
Grafton has become known mostly through a game: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).
This commemorated a worldwide success and is still preferred.
Nevertheless, of course, investors constantly wish to take new winning opportunities and the Callisto Procedure had actually probably hypothesized to construct a brand like Dead Area.
It remains doubtful whether this is still possible after the reviews and the technically rather poor PC version.
It is also questionable why video game designers publish such incomplete video games at all.
The reason is frequently an impatient publisher who sits on the neck of the programs and designers and drives it to crunch.
It is unclear whether this was the case here, but it indicates a lot.
Because the designers need to have noticed the technical condition of the PC version before the release.
Incidentally, The Callisto Procedure did effectively in our test.
However, we likewise devalued the PC version.


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