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Balanced with a cutter, roasted with a writer … The durable test video of the finest version “Steam Deck” is released

YouTube channel jellyrigevible orthing has released durable test video of **.

The PERFECT Portable? Get The Most Out Of The Steam Deck! FIXING Dreamcast Emulation Issues!
JerryRigEVERYTHING is a YouTube channel that is officially affiliated with Mobile Tablet -related product companies, Anker. The main video content is product decomposition and durable tests, and in the past it has handled Nintendo Switch (OLED model).

The device tested this time is a 512GB model with the highest amount ($ 649) among Steam Deck. Unlike the lower one, this model is implemented not only in the increase in storage capacity but also for premium anti -glare etching glass.

In the video, the durability of the premium anti -glare etching glass was tested. Screen scratch testing is performed on the hardness scale from level 2 to 10, and a noticeable wound from level 6 (hardness of glass), noticeable wounds from level 7 (the hardness between sapphire and glass). I can do it.

And the test target moved to the Steam Deck itself. As a result of cutting off buttons and outside with a cutter, the material was found to be plastic. In particular, it was interesting that the YXBA key was printed inside, and it was explained that there was no need to worry about the characters disappearing and disappearing even if used for many years.

In addition, in the video, there is also a confirmation of resistance to the heat of the screen and a durability test of the main unit by bending. If you are interested, please check it out.

The blows by spider tickets are unleashed

Surely you already know that last Monday, November 29, the prevents for the Spider-Man tickets opened: No Way Home. Since midnight, users were already making virtual ranks at different cinemas in the country, And as always happens, these pages ended saturated and even a day later they were still disabled. Given this, many people had to go physically at the box office to acquire their tickets, and things did not end well for some of them.

It happens that in Cuernavaca, Morelos The blows between users who sought to acquire their tickets were unleashed. Apparently, some individuals wanted to put the row, and as a consequence, they ended up fighting with the people behind them.

As you could observe, the physical altercation came out of control to the point that other users who were also ranking had to intervene. Luckily, it seems that no one came seriously injured.

Spider-Man: No Way Home It will arrive in Film Rooms on December 15 and here you can meet some of the villains that will appear on the tape.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Ticket DISASTER! How To Get Spider-Man Ticket REVEALED!

Editor’s note: I understand that the film is the most anticipated of the year, but there was no reason to resort to violence or want to get into the row. It is clear that there is a lot of desperation for acquiring these tickets by the theme of spoilers, but nothing happens if you have to see it the next weekend or days after its premiere. Just take care of yourself in social networks.

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