Pedro the Lua is among one of the most crucial attributes in the Hogwarts Legacy game.
In this overview, we reveal what these moonstones are for as well as what are the very best ways to obtain them conveniently in the game.

What are the stones of the moon for?

The moon rock can be utilized in the accurate room.
It is the thing that enables you to produce furniture on site.
When the living area is launched in the game, you will probably already have some stones in the stock as well as you can produce growing tables, as an example.
Moon stones are items of bluish crystals made use of to convene objects in the specific space as well as their animal nurseries.
Each time you want to put a new thing, it will certainly cost a specific quantity of moon stones.
Take care, an optimal budget per area in the exact space or by nursery will certainly prevent you from putting lots of furniture at the exact same time.
To obtain new furniture, you can buy at Hogsmeade, or find them straight on the collection chests.
Each time you remove furniture from your precise room, you will certainly recover part of the amount of moon rock that has been invested in the building and construction!

The 3 ways to obtain moon stone

There are three strategies in Hogwarts Legacy to get the moonstone.

Find in nature

Take your stick and when you explore the open globe, do not be reluctant to toss an easy spell on the crystals you will certainly see by the roadside or on the hill slope.
Advertise the stroll and also not the oom or one more flying installation in order to more conveniently find the moon rocks.
Note that you can also locate items of moon stone in your various baby room in the accurate space.

Purchase from investors

Some investors can offer Moon Stone like Leopold Babcock, the taking a trip seller you can discover almost everywhere, such as the east of the North Van’s swamp.

Secure free with the materials’ refiner

When buying the products’ refinement, in scrolls and burial places, you will receive a device that provides moonstone every 10 minutes for complimentary!