This was additionally due to the fact that the leading favorite from Rostock has damaged a little in the past few weeks.
The cog last suit day missed out on the champion decision, which ought to currently be successful in the 2nd effort.
Hanover as well as Bertha awaited the Rockers on the supposedly pre-drawn path to protection.
In spite of the clear favorite functions, it became far more stony than anticipated.

Hans missed initial choice

At the beginning against the Lower Saxony there was a reel in doubles, to which Levy Finn ‘Levying’ Rick reacted with confidence with a 4-0 win.
Machine Henning ‘FCC_Henning’ Iambuses had the championship decision in the evening in the night, nevertheless, with 0: 3 against Road ‘H96_road’ Failing, who placed them on a connection.
The second in the table from FC St. Pauli had the hoped-for chance and loaded it against Kiel by winning the north battle.
The community s prevailed 2-1 in increases, Colin ‘Bouillon’ Voter maintained the Kiel chances of a draw with a stunning 4: 4 versus Kamal ‘CSP_Kamal’ Bamboo.
This asphyxiated Berry ‘Heraklion’ DeMarco without wit in the bacterium as well as shot the young boys in Brown closer to the title with his 4-0 success.

Bertha’s victory for infinity St. Pauli contacts the strategy

A development that had an impact on Hans that was currently required versus Bertha BSC.
In the two-against-two, Rick and also Iambuses lost their opponents of Tom ‘Basso__23’ Bismark and also Marina ‘Mari’ Preradovic – The historical as well as ever presented the very first VBL success with women involvement.
A layout that Even ‘Erenpyrz030’ Royal made use of to know: Versus ‘FCC_Henning’ the Berliner made the Rostock defeat 2-0 in the second game.
So suddenly she existed, the chance for St. Pauli to leap to the top of the table on the last pusher.
Versus SC Paderborn as a favorite, ‘CSP_KAMAL’ and ‘Heraklion’ battled.
It was 2: 2 in doubles, 1: 1 in songs between Jonas ‘Jonny’ With and DeMarco.
It was in the hands of Bamboo’s to speak versus Justin ‘Godly’ Samurai latest thing in regard to division champion.
But even the Hamburg capturing star of the triumphant DFB Epochal period ought to not do well, the 1-1 sealed the pleased Rostock title defense.

The Kiez needed to be pleased with second area, however also entitled to take part in the Final Four, in which the VBL team champion is played.

Cologne leaves Schleifen-Werder Play-off locations

When it came to play-offs, it was also no less interesting.
Before the last match day, a number of clubs still had math possibilities in the last of the coveted areas three to 6, which was formerly occupied by Welder.
Such a play-off-place currently had such a third-placed 1. FC Cologne, for whom whatever had already run in regard to last 4 after the initial video game of the night (draw against Paderborn).
An additional draw later on was just 5th for the goats in the derby versus Playback, it at first sought a very long time after a Fragrance success, yet in the 88th minute of the decisive individual Lukas ‘BMG_LOKI’ lengthy challenger ‘Denis’ Müller
The cold shower.
Schalke and also Wolfsburg, that did their research and also leapt past the Effie, profited from this taken advantage of this.
Wolfsburg had eliminated among the teams with HSV, which was additionally permitted to hope before the suit day.
In the initial derby with Welder Bremen, however, the red pants had not already obtained beyond a draw.


A 2: 1 for Daniel ‘HSV_Daniel7’ DWELL in the battle of the Champions League individuals with Ali Soul ‘Predatorfifa’ Rad came also late after the 2: 6-slip ‘There’ HSV_there ‘Hansen’s versus Max Julius’ Diviners’ Gone.
In the end, the green-whites supported over the last play-off place.