There have actually been some curious participation in the pastime, but the teamwork between Square Enix as well as the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg is truly unique.

So the unforgettable campfire scene from Sociopath Tourist II was now being added.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Miniature Wonderland is the biggest version railway system in the world.


Found in Hamburg’s historic storehouse, she has been inspiring young and old for years.
And also currently also fans of the Japanese retro-rpg, which has only lately appeared.

Sociopath Traveler II: Over 120 hours of manual work remain in the miniatures

The figures of the Sociopath Vacationer II heroes have all been developed by busily handicrafts, for which the Hamburg team has actually spent a total amount of over 120 hrs of job.
In the video revealed over, we see the process of creation and the finished result once again.
The comparison with the scene from the game reveals the accuracy with which the design home builders hosted likely to the job.

The Miniature Wonderland Hamburg opened its gates in 2001 after it was conceived by the twin siblings Gerrit and Frederik Braun.
It prolongs over a location of around 1,545 square meters, on which over 16,118 meters of tracks locate their location in a scale of 1:87.
Over 10,000 trains and other lorries drive across the system every day, while a total of around 290,000 numbers in the lovingly designed small event are at residence.

The recovered scene is the cover art work of Sociopath Vacationer II, in which you can see the 8 usable characters of the role-playing play in the HD-2D design easily resting on a soothing campfire.
Couchette, Castti, Throne, Oswald, Partition, Agnes, Demons as well as Hikaru sit under the miniature trees in the America section.