In a real-time action trailer, Snowstorm demonstrates how they had the chapel of the Jesuit in Cambria, France, with pictures from Diablo 4 in partnership with an artist.
All of this is advertising and marketing for the upcoming open beta.
Your face can even be immortalized in the pictures if you play the beta.
This is the trailer: on the celebration of the upcoming open beta of Diablo 4 there is a new trailer.

In this, Blizzard reveals an excursion of a genuine church that was painted with pictures from Diablo.
You can see illustrations of the 5 courses from Diablo 4 as well as some of the most important characters in the game-such as the demon Lilith.
The art was developed by the baroque musician Adam Miller, in the trailer himself, Charles Dance, that is best referred to as Twin Lannister from Video Game of Thrones.
In a Behind the Scenes, the creators reveal that numerous canvases were repainted and afterwards hung in the sanctuary.
Together with the video clip there is a brand-new competition.
You can find the trailer below:

plays the open beta of Diablo 4 and also wins your face in a church

Exactly how can I win?
You will certainly get right into the sweep if you play any course up to degree 25 for the Open Beta of Diablo 4.
After that you have the opportunity that your face will certainly be commemorated in the pictures in the church of the Jesuit.
You have to play the ideal open beta of Diablo 4, the pre-order beta does not yet count:
The pre-order beta ranges from March 17th to 19th
The open beta ranges from March 24th to 26th
More details concerning the competition and also enrollment can be located on the main internet site.


If you play the Open Beta, you additionally assure some rewards-depending on just how much you get:
What remains in the open beta?
Level 25 is the maximum degree outdoors beta of Diablo 4. You can play the whole prologue and act 1 in the period of the test.
In which beta are included:
all 5 classes in the period of the open beta
A globe employer to combat
Co-op gameplay for groups from up to 4 gamers
Couch-Coop-only one gamer has to have access to this, also uses to the pre-order beta
Also if both betas compete 3 days, you can play as long as you desire.
According to degree 25, you only get no experience as well as quit leveling.
If you are not yet sure which course you want to play, we will provide you some aid below:
Diablo 4: Which class suits me?
10 inquiries that aid you with the decision