Developer legend Yuri NASA has admitted his guilt to the insider trade fraud.
Last year, NASA was charged on two occasions on insider shops on different mobile games in the Japanese gaming market.


He allegedly bought Dragon Quest Tact by Aiming and Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier created a total of EUR 147.5 million (over a million euros) while still working on Square Enix bread.
Both sets of games are owned by Square Enix.
According to the indictment, NASA tried to sell the shares he bought at a much higher price, based on the assumption that they increase value thanks to the above announcements.
According to Japanese news sources, NASA recently admitted that he had committed a crime:
-Before I bought the shares, I knew about both games and facts before the official announcement, NASA said in court.
The First Soldier was released around the globe in November 2021, but its servers were closed in January 2023. Dragon Quest Tactic is expected to have its release outside Japan in the near future.

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