Today the consoles sales number is something that occurs publicly, since companies must account for their potential customers through shareholders’ boards.
For that reason, both PlayStation and Nintendo always offer their updates;
However, for some reason Xbox retains their numbers secret.
Although they still do nothing public, in a recently published review of the consoles market in 2022, Piers Harding-Rolls de Ampere Analysis estimated that 18.5 million consoles had been sold at the end of last year.

And the estimate indicates that it is a combination of both devices available, Xbox Series X and S.
Although they are numbers that could not be so encouraging, if they grew significantly, since there was a high availability to find in the stores an Xbox Series S. that is because since 2020 the premium console units were quite a lot
scarce, a situation that has already changed due to the replenishment of our day.
With this in mind, he mentioned the following in relation to Xbox Series S specifically:

The demand level of the S series during the Christmas season, even with price promotions, suggests that it does not have the high-end attraction of its older brother.
On the other hand, Harding-Rolls states that Microsoft’s participation in the games market, which combines hardware sales, DLC content and subscriptions, grew from 25.5 % in 2021 to 27.3 % in 2022, while the
Sony fell from 46.3 % to 45 %.
This could be due to the fact that Xbox hardware spending and Game Pass services based on the console grew compared to 2021, and that Microsoft expanded its market share leadership in the subscription segment and achieved a historical maximum of
Game Pass subscribers in the last three months of the year.
Via: VGC
Editor’s note: It is a bit strange that some things work much better than others, but at least in terms of active users, Xbox continues to consolidate as that space to play online.
We’ll see how everything goes after the treatment with Activision closes.