This Saturday (25), Los Grande had its second round rematch and also defeat Red Can ids Kaunda in the 1st Split of CBOL 2023. With this result, the group adheres to the lead of the table, with only 2 losses and 9 success,
Two even more than the 2nd area, circulation.
In his very first CBOL becoming part of a major line-up, Day was the highlight of the match for the first time, and in a special method: with his Pike.
At a press meeting after the video game, the support stated that his main can appear more typically in the championship as well as talked about Los’s journey to remain at the top of the tournament.

de Pike, Day the Los is featured in CBOL

The suit in between Red and also Los began in support of the pack, with a good efficiency of Avenger and also Camber, a novice who is replacing South Korean Kurt, disregarded by the organization.

Nonetheless, around 15 minutes points started to transform as well as swiftly to Bot lane de Neptune with Driven and also Day with Pike, a combination that creates a great deal of gold to his team when it works.
Little by little, Los Grande expanded up in the game as well as got the victory, leaving Red with its 4th consecutive loss.


At the press meeting after the suit, when asked what was the prep work for the suit against Red, thinking about the entrance of Camber, the support claimed: We prepared really well, no matter the team or the player,
It’s the very same thing, the same prep work, we prepare effectively for all of them. I rejoiced that I might be the pillar of this game, which I had the ability to regulate the suit along with Neptune and also Ranger.
Day likewise admitted that the rematch against Red generated expectations on the team.
Neptune as well as I were well encouraged to win Red because, before the flow, they were the only team we had lost. We really wanted to win them and get a much more hostile suit up to crush the bot.
Wrapping up suit 7/1/4, Day was additionally inquired about her Pike and the ideal conditions for him to show up in CBOL.
I can’t discuss the problems because this is a trick, due to the fact that it tends to show up much more, stated the assistance laughing, after that add: But I’m extremely pleased, it’s a doll that I really intended to play from the start.
A great deal of convenience with him, I recognize I can command the game well, I’m really satisfied.. The gamer likewise talked about Los’s success sequence as well as the work included to keep a group at the top.
This is the first time that I undergo this, due to the fact that my academy divides were awful, the last one I believe I was nine. This is very and-new to me, yet as I originated from below, I understand I can not raise my head
Or quit educating extra as I win. When you obtain even more games, the teams will study the very best in the table, they will be updating, trying to improve much more than you, nobody can be accommodating.
On Sunday (26), Los Grande plays against Vito Had Stars, the current last area in the competition, with 2 victories and also nine losses.
The match takes place around 4 pm, oadcast on CBOL networks on YouTube as well as Twitch.