The bell decision is a side quest that contains one of several puzzles with bells in the Hogwarts heritage.
The quest will bring you to the ruins to find a treasure music map, which indicates the location of the bells that you need to call in a certain order to solve the puzzle.
This quest can also be taken as an Easter in Hogwarts’s Heritage.
This is because the decision of the puzzle with the bells here is to reproduce the cult soundtrack to Harry Potter, calling the right bells.

decided by the passage of Bell and the solution of the puzzle

You need to fill out the task of Madame Koala 1 learn to learn the glacial to unlock it is decided by the bell as a new side quest.
Glacial is one of the spells that you need to promote in the quest.
Other spells that you need, Indio, the share of Vanadium Levies.

Go to Henrietta’s shelter.

You need to get to Henrietta’s shelter to find a valuable item.
Go to the place marked on the map below to find ruins.


To the right of the ruins there is a staircase leading to the basement.
You need to take them to enter the shelter of Henrietta.
However, be careful with the patrolling soldiers of Shiner in this area.
You will need to either sneak past them, or knock them out.

Solve a puzzle with a cube

When you enter the shelter, you will see a green statue and a torch on the north side.
Use Intended to light a torch that will make the statue rotate, opening the cube.
Now you need to use a share in a cube to move it to a metal plate on the floor next to the same cube.
When the cube is placed, light it using Intended, and then use Glacial on the second cube on the right.
This will create a ring of fire, which, in turn, will open the door in the back wall.
If you do not know which spell to use for which cube, pay attention to that one cube has a flame symbol for INDEED, and on the other-a symbol of frost for the glacial.
Go through the door to the next area.

Find a music card behind a fake wall.

Here you will find more Enhancers who need to be won.
Clean the room from all enemies and climb the stairs to the left of the Griffin’s large statue to find more Shiners on the second floor.
As soon as the hall is cleaned, go to the right side of the region to the other staircase.
Continue to go, and then turn left to the wall to find that this is just an illusion.
The wall will disappear when you approach it, so go inside and take a music card from the table.

Go to the Lamar castle.

The treasure map that you just found will tell you to go to the Lamar castle, east of your current location.
You can get out of Henrietta’s shelter in two ways.
You can either go a long way back, returning to your wake, or open a short path to the cape of the estate in the same area where you found a music map.
To cut the path, leave the room with a fake wall and go to the stairs to the right.
You will find a cube hidden between two barrels.
Use a share in a cube and climb the stairs to find another metal pedestal next to the northern wall.
To the right of you there is a second cube, which also needs to be brought here.
When you are ready, use the Levies Vanadium in the first cube that you brought, and Ingestion in the second cube to open the door leading to the mind of estates.

Solve the puzzle solved by call.

It is important to note that the Lamar castle is full of enemies.
You can either defeat them all to clean the territory, or use a broom to fly over them to avoid unnecessary fights.
In any case, this is good.
The puzzle with the bell Hogwarts’s Heritage, which you are looking for in the quest, is located on the western side of the Lamar castle.
Go there and find nine large bells hanging between two walls.
The decision of the puzzle with the bells here is to call the bells in a certain sequence, as shown in the image below.
The melody is mainly part of the soundtrack for the topic of Harry Potter from famous films.
When you decide the Solved by the Bell puzzle, a chest will appear on the left of you, in which there is a long cloak of the treasure seeker.
You can sell it for 400 gold, if you want.