In episode 2 of the Last of United States series, Joel, Ellie and Tess have actually already had problem with nasty clickers.
The fifth episode, which has simply been released, puts another one and releases the nastiest variety of infected people on the primary characters.
The remarkable encounter looks very various in the HBO adaptation than in the game and also plays a various function in the story.
Spoiler warning: The following post includes spoilers for the 5th episode of the series and the game.

a totally various bloater encounter

Anybody who played The Last of Us will absolutely remember the stressful compulsory encounter with a bloat.
Among these enormous, big infected individuals attacks us in the fitness center, where we need to face him in an employer battle.
It is a good idea to keep your distance if we don’t want to be killed quite rapidly.

Even from afar, the infected in the 4th stage does not make it simple for us, since he utilizes varied attacks to fulfill us anyway.
In addition, more infected individuals leap through the window once again and once again and sidetrack us from our primary enemy.
In the series, the encounter is staged extremely in a different way.
An entire horde of other infected individuals likewise signs up with the bloat and the big beast likewise looks very similar to the game.
Joel, Ellie and Co. fulfill him in an alternative landscapes, particularly at night when the bloat crawls out of a hole in the open air.
Here you can see the contrast:
Game series
The darkness and the flames that blaze in the chaotic scene in the background enhance the horror character of the scene, while the gym is shining from the game from the video game.
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In addition to the modification of place, the infected giant also does not put people from a distance.
Nevertheless, there is no difficulty with him.


In the most brutal scene in the series up until now, he tears Kathleen’s ally Perry, who has actually come too close to him, his head.
The entire action-packed scene in which the beater appears not only serves the frightening element, but also plays an essential function in the story.
Eventually, it is the infection attack, thanks to which Ellie, Joel and her buddies can leave their human pursuers-even if the last enemy is not the bloat itself.
Which scene do you like better: the health club combating in the game or the struggle for survival under the night sky in the series?