Bertha BSC is likewise battling for the bare survival in the 20222/2023 season in the Bundesliga.


Pal Cardie, a club legend and two times coach of the Berliner, thinks about knowing what is now important for the old woman.
At Bertha BSC, everybody included pictured the start of the new year totally in a different way.
4 in some cases hearty insolvencies in the first four games, that from supervisor Fred BBC and the various obstacles on the transfer market have actually had the mood at the capital club slides into the basement.

Fan favorite Pal Cardie, whose second term of workplace ended as a coach in Berlin in November 2021, observed the advancements with issue.
From a football perspective, this is a difficult scenario because it was said that they played exceptional preparation. The gamers believed that it was going on. They start the second half of the season and there are numerous wicked defeats, said the Hungarian
The dilemma in the both portal together.
Cardie promises the weakening competition.
There suffice groups that have comparable issues that do not look great that are not well started that score a couple of goals, stated the 46-year-old.

third engagement at Bertha BSC?

Cardie talks plain text
Cardie, who had actually led the Bertha to relegation numerous times, offered the existing coach Sandro Schwarz a pointer.
Lots of people state you win the games with protective work, however that’s not true. It will be tough if you have no gamers who make objectives at the front. And with Bertha it is a problem to prepare and score goals. There is a great deal of work, emphasized the previous specialist.
The relegation candidate only attained a measly fool in four matches in 4 matches.
A truth that coach is likewise blown up in black.
If the trainer will soon be launched, Cardie would no longer be available for a third commitment on Hertha-Bank.
I don’t deal with the matter, he said.

From a football point of view, this is a difficult circumstance because it was said that they played impressive preparation. They begin the second half of the season and there are numerous wicked beats, stated the Hungarian
Many individuals say you win the video games with defensive work, however that’s not real. And with Bertha it is trouble to prepare and score goals.