As you surely know, it will no longer be possible to share the Netflix password in the future.

A few days ago, the streaming company revealed new details about this measure, noting that at the end of March this change will enter into force.
However, it seems that this will not be the case, and it has postponed until new notice.
According to The Streamable, the page where the concrete information of this measure was announced, was intended only for Costa Rica, Chile and Peru, countries where the tests related to passwords in Netflix will be carried out.
The company has pointed out that the rest of the world still had not to do these details.


For its part, Netflix has indicated that they will have more information for the public in the future.
In this way, it is clear that it will still be possible to share the password of an account with people who do not live in the same house, at least for the moment.
The company has made it clear that this will be a measure that will be implemented in the future.
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Editor’s note:
This is just a pause.
Netflix still plans to implement its restrictions with passwords, and it seems that there is no back.
It is only that, for the moment, most of the world will still be free of these restrictions.
However, this will eventually be the norm.