If you think of video game movies, Captors Zombie action Citizen Evil inevitably comes to mind.
Even if the movies and series are taken better and in some cases even worse, you can always be sure that further implementation will follow.

Alcatraz is overrun

Now those responsible have presented the next animated movie Homeowner Evil: Death Island with a first teaser trailer.

In this, Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield will battle against organic monkeys, leading their trip to Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay this time.
Kennedy is commissioned by the Department of Security Operations with a rescue objective, while Redfield examines a new zombie outbreak under the Banner of the BSA.
Both cases are connected to Alcatraz, which is why the 2 legendary agents go to the prison island.
For Citizen Evil: Death Island, 2 widely known names are also responsible.


As a director, Ericeira Hasura, whom one could understand through his deal with Assassination Classroom.
The script remained in turn from Dakota Fulani, who went far for himself with Psycho Pass.
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Resident Evil: Death Island is the 4th animated movie on the horror series after Degeneration, Damnation and Vendetta.
Here is the official teaser trailer:
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Additional reports on Homeowner Evil: Death Island.