‘RP7’ is a worker of various experimental developers, and Park Undying, a planner of Out of Index, was awarded the ‘Taipei Game Show’ ahead of this year’s launch.
According to the developer, this work, called ‘slot-manicing rogue’, was introduced only by the keyword of the 7th and the sensitivity of ‘slot’.
So I had no choice but to do it without, actually.

The ‘RP7’ revealed in the demonstration was literally a log-like game that turns the slot.
The game is characterized by turning the slot by turning the slot so that the characters that fight the enemy can reach the final boss as they automatically come and go to the seven slots.

In other words, Doglike Deck Building and Log Like Action Game is a game that manipulates something related to your character.
RP7 was the opposite.
The character is automatically moving back and forth with seven slots, and the enemy is automatically knocked down, and the body’s attack power or gimmick is deducted by the shield or HP.
Turning the lever until the enemy comes out or busy pressing the assigned key is the core of ‘RP7’.

Like the title ‘RP7’, the title that transformed the RPG, the game also has different play methods for each role group, and the main play is to grow the character while playing one edition.
Of course, it is a rogue, so if you die once, it will be reset, but the RPG’s default play is melted in the plate to win the enemy and level up.
Thus, rather than simply turning it to the item-oriented or reinforcement, it had to be endlessly returned to the right to deal with the enemy and the physical recovery potion to minimize the loss of physical fitness.
This is because the character had to hit the hand somehow until the character moved automatically regardless of the user’s will.

In a way, I wanted to play seven slots quickly with fast hand movements, so that it would be possible to play so-called taxa that I wanted to play the field as I wanted.
But there were several devices and items that constrained that action.
For example, when the chain comes out, the box can be turned once, and after that, you can’t move anything.
Or when the bomb comes out, there are various elements that continue to conflict, such as explosion and the items on both sides of the items.
If you add a sense of speed of loglike with the operation to quickly turn multiple columns, it adds the fun of relying on the luck of Like by hanging the braking device with the item, the enemy and the gimmick.

Just as the number and slot has a number of ‘7’, a total of seven characters appear in the official version.
In this demonstration, only articles and infectious doctors were held, and unlike the article, the infectious doctor has the difference that the potion is not effective and can only fill the stamina with poison.
And as the poison is likely to come out when the stamina is full, it was necessary to put the poison slot in advance when the strength was filled with strength while maintaining the shield.

However, with this strategy, a variety of enemies to prevent them from flowing smoothly are randomly placed in the Cannes, and the game has been added to the labyrinth.
When it rains, the movement speed will accelerate, and suddenly the U-turn fingerboard is floated, and the variable is like a stimulant that makes the variable not to feel the manner of pulling the lever inadvertently.

The enemy’s types of enemies, such as the removal of all the shields beyond the damage to the damage, appeared, so the sense of turning the lever quickly while considering all the variables was not unusual.
As it is a temporary controller using seven lever sticks, it will be compared with the sense of turning the lever of the fighting game, but it is as good as the busy moving lever.
There was another moment.

If you simply have bad things for the player, it would have been difficult to feel the taste of the RP7.


But in the RP7, there were many judgments that were favored by the player, as well as the so-called gimmicks.
For example, when you attack your opponent, if the critical bursts, you can take down the enemy immediately without any damage, regardless of the enemy’s attack, except for the boss.
So, when I couldn’t turn the lever in a situation where I was short of health, I was obsessed with the critical of the critical, and I was illegally ill.

In addition, there are many items that have a variety of positive effects, such as recovering health and increasing the probability of potion by leveling up, and there are up to 7 equipment windows, so if the so-called ‘luck’
I was able to enjoy the hand of the hand.
However, the process of going to the boss was not easy, and it was a pity that I couldn’t see it directly in many challenges.
I think I will go to the test right away.