If you have actually been a fan of Metal Equipment Solid for a long time, David Halter is probably Snake’s voice with which you have actually grown up.

He revealed practically all the appearances of Snake outside Metal Gear Strong 5. His voice is so memorable, that his voice is that used in Smash Bros. Ultimate, even if this video game was launched 3 years after MGS5.


Just recently, during an interview with IGN, he said that he wishes to resume the role of Snake, if there must be a remake or a series of the MGS franchise.
Of course, from now on, MGS is a little a dead fish with the departure of Video Kolyma from INAMI.
Of course, the brand still comes from INAMI, but after their mistake which was MGS: endure, they have actually moved away at the moment of other jobs.
However, with the successes of the Cap com remakes of Citizen Evil instilling a brand-new life with franchise, perhaps a remake for MGS is important.
A brand-new start and play a little on this aspect of fond memories.
The concern with Halter using up the function, I believe, would actually depend upon the tone they desire for remake.
The factor he did not go back to MGS5 was that Kolyma wished to take a darker and major tone with history, and discovered the efficiency of Halter a little too comic.
It was not due to the lack of abilities of Haters, however to the writing of the old MGS being far more ironic in many places.
If they made a remake, I honestly think it might go in both directions.
They might keep it a little more anchored and genuine, select a comparable thing with MGS5, due to the fact that Resident Evil opted for the very severe angle, and that worked effectively for them.
I think people would also be dissatisfied if they did not keep the tone like the initial.
What would you prefer?