Level Infinite announced on the 2nd that it will add two new characters and hold various events in Valentine’s Day in the ‘Goddess of Victory: Nike’ for the world’s recapture and service of the shift-up.

The new SSR character Cocoa and Soda can be obtained through special recruitment, and they are affiliated with ‘Made For You’ of Tetra Line.

Support character Cocoa is a leader and professional leader of ‘Made For You’, and has a four-dimensional but a good and pure character.

Soda is also a supported character, a lyric dedicated to the first half, including laundry, cleaning, and furniture arrangement.


In addition, the new story event ‘MAID in Valentine’ will be held until the 14th, and when the stage is completed, recruitment tickets and skill development materials will be compensated.

During the same period, a seven-day attendance event will be held where you can acquire abundant items that contain recruitment tickets and development materials.

In addition, the new achievement mission ‘Nike 141 First Achievement’ is added to complete the mission, and the Spare Body selection box will be given, and the item will allow you to freely select SSR Nike Spare Body.

For more information about the Valentine’s Day Update of Victory Goddess: Nike, you can check the official lounge.