Just yesterday we reported that Sony, according to a rumor, had actually considerably screwed back the production of PlayStation VR 2.
The reason for this is supposedly disappointingly low pre-order numbers, which would be far below the manufacturer’s expectations.
There was even 50 percent talk of decreasing sales forecasts.
This has now called Sony onto the scene to give a declaration on the subject and to clarify some things.

that says Sony about the PSVR2 reports

As a representative for the group explains to the Gamesindology.biz market publication, there was no reduction in the production of PlayStation VR 2.
He did not enter into the figures mentioned in the initial report.
However, he drew a generally very positive mood around the brand-new virtual reality system from Sony.
We register great enthusiasm from the PlayStation fans with regard to the upcoming launch. This includes over 30 video games like Gran Tourism 7, Horizon: Call of the Mountain and Local Evil Village.
There were no further details to comment.
Even if the 2nd part of the declaration consists of typical PR expressions, there is a clear dementia from Sony, at least with regard to the reports on the presumably solved production of PSVR 2
However, the speaker did not react to the passage with the not satisfied expectation concerning the sales forecasts.


that offers you PlayStation VR 2.

The launch of the new virtual truth system from Sony is still for the 22.
February 2023 prepared.
For 599.99 euros you can immerse yourself in the next generation of virtual truth from the end of this month.
PSV 2 has two OLED screens with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels each.

You can also anticipate a field of view of 110 degrees along with eye tracking and haptic feedback.
There will also be HDR assistance to drill the graphics.
Source: Gamesindology.biz
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