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Estimated Number of Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Sold: A Comprehensive Look at Sales Figures


Today the consoles sales number is something that occurs publicly, since companies must account for their potential customers through shareholders’ boards.
For that reason, both PlayStation and Nintendo always offer their updates;
However, for some reason Xbox retains their numbers secret.
Although they still do nothing public, in a recently published review of the consoles market in 2022, Piers Harding-Rolls de Ampere Analysis estimated that 18.5 million consoles had been sold at the end of last year.

And the estimate indicates that it is a combination of both devices available, Xbox Series X and S.
Although they are numbers that could not be so encouraging, if they grew significantly, since there was a high availability to find in the stores an Xbox Series S. that is because since 2020 the premium console units were quite a lot
scarce, a situation that has already changed due to the replenishment of our day.
With this in mind, he mentioned the following in relation to Xbox Series S specifically:

The demand level of the S series during the Christmas season, even with price promotions, suggests that it does not have the high-end attraction of its older brother.
On the other hand, Harding-Rolls states that Microsoft’s participation in the games market, which combines hardware sales, DLC content and subscriptions, grew from 25.5 % in 2021 to 27.3 % in 2022, while the
Sony fell from 46.3 % to 45 %.
This could be due to the fact that Xbox hardware spending and Game Pass services based on the console grew compared to 2021, and that Microsoft expanded its market share leadership in the subscription segment and achieved a historical maximum of
Game Pass subscribers in the last three months of the year.
Via: VGC
Editor’s note: It is a bit strange that some things work much better than others, but at least in terms of active users, Xbox continues to consolidate as that space to play online.
We’ll see how everything goes after the treatment with Activision closes.

Rumor: Ubisoft Developing Assassins Creed Codename Red 2024 with Two Playable Characters

Along with Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which is scheduled to appear this year, Ubisoft is presently functioning on various other branded branches.
In enhancement to the tasks, which had actually been officially confirmed considering that September 2022, reports lately rumored by other, still unofficial Assassin’s Creed games.
The confirmed tasks include Assassin’s Creed Code name Red, which players will certainly use the long wanted setup in Japan.
According to a brand-new report, Code name Red will mostly concentrate on Stealth gameplay and will rely upon 2 usable protagonists.


Furthermore, the game should currently remain in good problem as well as Ubisoft are going for publication in 2024.
Earlier reports had actually pointed out troubles behind the scenes as a result of departures from designer Ubisoft Quebec.

SEO Page Title: Microsoft Flight Simulator Release Date Confirmed – 18th August 2020

Passionate pilot followers will be happy to learn that Microsoft Trip Simulator currently has an official release date.
The game will be released on August 18 for Computer on Windows 10 and Xbox One.


You can fly in the sky to walk around the globe and live a genuine flight experience from your home.

There are light aircraft to large fuselage jets available for all motorists, and also you can refine your abilities by piloting any of them through the skies around the globe.
There will be even more than 40,000 flight terminals in the genuine globe to visit, two million towns as well as towns to visit as well as totally inhabited roadways loaded with automobiles to create a realistic flight experience.
The video game is provided with a solo and also multiplayer experience where players will be able to listen to and uncover the air web traffic data in real time from genuine flights taking place on the planet.
You will certainly have to celebration with good friends you wish to fly, but you can search the world with various other chauffeurs while you are driving your favored airplane.
Those that have a membership to the Xbox Game Pass will have access to the game. You can preload it prior to the main launch day to ensure that when it was launched on August 18, you can access it directly as soon as it is available.
Others will need to pre-order their duplicate, which they can do on Microsoft shop page.

John Paino: Building The Last of Us Mall for HBOs Episode 7 | The Production Designers Biggest Challenge Yet

Recreating the arcade was something Piano and his team desired to toenail. They utilized the name as well as the typeface in the initial video game for Raja’s Gallery.

Piano was aiming to locate an American-style shopping mall in Calgary, Canada, where the program is recorded, but they wound up repurposing a dead mall, Northland Town Shopping center, which closed in 2021. Piano recollected his time in his youth at his regional shopping mall and just how it made him feel as a youngster.


The newest episode of HBO’s The Last people consisted of material from the initial video game’s Left DLC, where we learn how Ellie was attacked, however also reveals us her first understanding of true, sad loss. Throughout this part of the video game, Ellie has to take care of herself as Joel recuperates from being spiked on damaged glass, however additionally we blink back to her life before Joel as well as we see a piece of life as a teenager throughout completion of the world.

As for the slide carousel, utilized to recreate the DLC’s possibly the most legendary scene (which was also featured in the first complete trailer) it was brought in from another shopping center and Piano had to lease it for the shoot.

Ellie’s finest friend and crush Riley, played by Tornado Reid in the series, creep out to a deserted shopping center where the two have an evening that’s a quasi-date as well as obtain to live as young adults did prior to the codices outbreak. It was terrific to use their logo designs, as well as we can play with what they are, the luxury stores, and also the codes behind them, Piano informed Variety, as he went with the process of building a shopping center. We located an abandoned shopping center that was totally stripped and really did not have a 2nd flooring. We constructed the roofs and also the shops, yet what they look from the terrace, it’s all CGI since our shopping center really did not have a second flooring.

It really used to be because shopping mall, yet when it went out of service, another shopping center took it, so we negotiated to rent it, clarified Piano. When they got it back, it had to be repaneled as it had photos that were a tribute to the Calgary Charge, a renowned rodeo event in the location. We placed reflective panels around the facility that were uneven as well as dreadful to contribute to the imaginary feel since the entire thing is like a fever desire.

We obtained to choose and produce these stores. It was wonderful to use their logos, as well as we could have fun with what they are, the high-end shops, as well as the codes behind them, Piano told Variety, as he underwent the process of developing a shopping mall. Producing the scary American Girl shop was enjoyable to make.

Obtaining a shopping center built to recreate this moment wasn’t a simple feat, but manufacturing designer John Piano was up to the obstacle.

It really made use of to be in that shopping center, but when it went out of business, one more shopping mall took it, so we made a deal to lease it, explained Piano.

We offered it a little retrogress through video games like Frogger, Tetris, and Temporal Combat, Piano claimed. He included that the video game screens for the older video games were made from cathode ray tube (CRT). That indicates when the electronic cameras were rolling, the images were not clear and also actively out of emphasis. We rebuilt them on LED displays.

I’m a child of the ’70s, as well as the mall was a temple. The size of 10 football fields. I would certainly invest a lot of time there as well as in the video clip gallery, discussed. So, we were hoping to locate something like that. We discovered an abandoned shopping mall that was completely stripped as well as didn’t have a second flooring. We built the rooftops and also the stores, yet what they look from the terrace, it’s all CGI due to the fact that our shopping center didn’t have a 2nd flooring.

Ellie’s buddy and crush Riley, played by Storm Reid in the collection, sneak bent on a deserted shopping mall where both have an evening that’s a quasi-date and get to live as teenagers did before the codices break out. Tragically, the two are struck and also attacked by a previously dormant Remote control. This is where Ellie figures out she is immune yet likewise loses the individual she liked most on the planet.

League of Legends Players Ask Riot to Revert Sucky Jungle Update After Patch 13.4 Changes | Season 13

Some think this spot has several wonderful attributes, while others believe there are some less-than-stellar ones, especially regarding the proceeded forest changes.

Now the most recent patch– Organization Spot 13.4– is out, players have actually had an opportunity to experience the new modifications, enthusiasts, and also nerfs.

Period 13 of League of Legends has actually been active– as well as not in an overly positive way. Troubles source code was hacked as well as the business was blackmailed, as well as Aurelio Sol received a rework and was briefly impaired from League due to his lots of pests.

Organization players ask for jungle modifications to get junked

On top of that, lots of think the forest meta sucks, which appears to be a theme for season 13, and also those same gamers wish these modifications will be changed.

Spot 13.4 not all bad news

In this spot, which struck lives web servers on Thursday, Feb. 23, you can get even more base healing from killing beasts, the Rift Herald currently difficult resets when its persistence has actually gone out, as well as forest companion damage received a three percent AP reduction. There was a direct nerf to Kill Experience to prevent very early game snowballing.

Like every League spot, there are various responses. However, for some, the negatives, particularly for the jungle function this period, outweigh all the positives now.

One of the more intriguing additions to Organization this spot rotates around talking, as there’s a new conversation channel that lets you speak entirely to your pre-made team. This has had positive and also unfavorable responses due to the fact that talking only with your pre-made can be fantastic, yet switching in between the networks while on the Rift can be tough.

In the eyes of lots of players, counter-jungling has basically ended up being difficult, as well as jungles are forced to ranch rather than avoid it. Also, big-name League celebrity Tyler1 agrees; just recently went through the spot notes on-stream as well as expressed his disappointments. Remarkably, the gamer response to this addition has actually been favorable, with lots of gamers recommending it could help with poisoning. Some believe this function will be also much more turning because the team won’t be able to connect plays if a gamer is deafened.


It will certainly additionally inform everyone you’ve soft your chat access.

Surprisingly, the gamer reaction to this enhancement has declared, with several players recommending it could help with poisoning. Others, nonetheless, plan to use it to prevent being flamed for missing their skill shots. Some think this function will certainly be even a lot more tilting due to the fact that the team won’t be able to interact plays if a player is deafened.

In the eyes of several players, counter-jungling has basically come to be difficult, and jungles are forced to ranch as opposed to prevent it. Even big-name Organization celebrity Tyler1 agrees; recently underwent the spot notes on-stream and also shared his frustrations. He believes these changes will certainly make top lane much harder.

On top of that, lots of jungle champions were nerfed, consisting of Elise, that has finally become feasible and also has currently seen comprehensive pro-play action in the LCS.

There are additionally two brand-new chat commands: mute self, which avoids you from using text conversation and also will inform others you’ve low-key yourself, as well as deafen, which avoids you from making use of text conversation as well as stops you from seeing chat from others.

Sebastian Kehl Reveals Secret to Borussia Dortmunds Winning Streak and Battle for Bundesliga Championship


Thanks to an impressive winning streak, BVB is unexpectedly best in the center of the fight for the championship in the Bundesliga.

s director Sebastian Keel has now revealed Borussia Dortmund’s trick of success.
Before the World Cup, BVB remained in 6th location in the Bundesliga table.
Back then, the Russia apart nine points from Liga-Primus FC Bayern.
Just six game days later on, the yellow and black taken care of to close the gap to the top of the table.
The Westphalia in the Bundesliga were just recently won six times in a row.
There is not one secret. We worked hard on lots of subjects, said ing activities’ director Sebastian Keel the growth of his team towards the twist: It starts in the medical area: The bigger variety of offered players contrasted to the first round results in
a higher training strength and also a stronger competitor.

BVB expert need to meet expectations

An additional variable is the job of the BVB training group around primary instructor Edwin Eric, the ex-professional continued.
You have further created the group on the subjects of compactness as well as efficiency. We act substantially much better. Our criteria likewise function, stated Keel, that was accountable for the article of the s director because summer.
Additionally, a rethink also took area in the group, Keel disclosed.
Everybody involved comprehended that they need to justify the demands they have in themselves and the assumptions they have actually excited.
By doing this, a performance society was produced, which Eric specifically can be really happy.
In the previous few weeks, he had actually highlighted on numerous interview that he always wished to compensate great efficiency.
Due to the raised top quality in training, the 40-year-old can now react to weaker efficiencies.
A possibility that he was refuted in 2015 by lots of injuries.

You have more created the team on the topics of compactness and efficiency. We act dramatically much better. Our requirements additionally function, stated Keel, that was accountable for the article of the s director given that the summer.

Where to Watch the Pokemon Presents Stream: Get Ready for 20 Minutes of Pokemon News Next Week!

There’s likewise a lot of babble around some type of DLC for an already-released Pokémon video game such as Pokémon Legends: Areas and Pokémon Scarlet and also Violet -both of which were released in 2015. We don’t have much else to go off on this one, so we’ll simply have to see as well as wait if either of these makes an appearance during the show tomorrow.


As for what we can expect from this showcase, well, absolutely nothing has been verified yet. We do have a couple of suspicions though in addition to some things fans are wishing to see.

Up, one of the most likely things we can see throughout Pokémon Provides is possibly a brand-new Pokémon Secret Dungeon game. The reason this rumor has begun doing the rounds is due to a new site introduced in honor of Pokémon Day which points out Pokémon Mystery Dungeon developer, Spike Consort, in its code.

All you have to do to view February’s Pokémon Provides is head to the main Pokémon YouTube channel (opens in new tab) at 6AM PT/ 9AM ET/ 2PM GMT.

Last week The Pokémon Business revealed that it will be hosting an additional Pokémon Provides occasion on February 27 which is readied to include around 20 mins worth of interesting Pokémon information in honor of Pokémon Day 2023. This will certainly be the first Pokémon Offers of the year, so if you wish to view it live, this is just how you do it.

You have actually come to the best place if you’re questioning concerning the ideal place to watch the Pokémon Offers display this week.

Sony Announces State of Play Stream Today – Time, All Games & More Live!

For a few weeks now there have been a report and rumors about the date of the initial huge state of play of the new year.


Currently, Sony has actually ultimately revealed the official consultation himself in an article and also today the time has come.

these are the day and time of the State of Play

  • Day of the State of Play: Thursday, February 23, 2023
  • Time of the State of Play: 10 p.m. German time
    Right here you can see the State of Play:
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    Web links to the YouTube content
    Gamer will certainly accompany the occasion as always as well as collect all the crucial news of the State of Use the web page for you.

this will be shown on the State of Play

While Sony is still covered with the entire schedule, the Japanese blog entrance currently shows that the show ought to take about 45 minutes as well as 16 titles for PS4, PS5 and also PSVR 2 exist.
Sony has also formally revealed one of the video games revealed: There ought to be a total amount of around 15 minutes of gameplay information and also brand-new updates for the DC video game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Organization throughout the show.
That makes good sense, besides, the title needs to still be launched in May this year, but has not been seen a lot for a while.
Below you can see a trailer for Suicide Team: Kill the Justice Organization:
Further games are not yet known, however at the very least Sony has actually likewise revealed that we will obtain an initial consider the live stream for five upcoming games for PSVR 2, all of whom are to be released this year.
Additionally, there will certainly also be numerous video games from third-party studios at the State of Play.
We will probably need to wait till Thursday what precisely that will be.
Which games do you truly desire to see at the initial State of Play of the year?

FC Heidenheim Pushes HSV for Promotions Race in Bundesliga 2

  1. FC Dagenham increased the stress on the leading duo of the 2nd Bundesliga in the promotion race.
    At the transfer prospect Armenia Bielefeld, the group of trainer Frank Schmidt prevailed with 1-0 (0-0) as well as moved up to 2 factors in the leading video game between table leader Darmstadt 98 as well as Hamburger SV (1: 1).


Two strategy.
Stefan Shimmer (70th) fulfilled followers prior to 17.251, via whom the Heidenheimers likewise the relegation place consolidated 4 meters lies the FCH in front of the fourth-placed SC Paderborn.

For Bielefeld, on the other hand, it was the third defeat straight, the table-16.
Proceed deeply in the relegation battle.
Dagenham was very tough in the preliminary, a week after winning versus Nuremberg (5-0), the offending around top scorer Tim Kleinderdien was slow-moving.
The group of coach Daniel Scheming looked a lot more alert as well as gained the better possibilities.
Even after the break, the Armenia was much closer to an objective, Romaine Construct (59.) left the most effective option.
Dagenham then almost started out of no place: Shimmer struck a little gladly out of the group.

Armaments: Essential for Survival in Sons of the Forest – Get the Best Armor to Protect Your Life!

In Boys of the Woodland, almost whatever would like to kill you, good armor is extremely practical.
A thing that already helps you without crafting is simple to neglect.
Mutants, cannibals, strange neighbors-in Kids of the Woodland, the video game is heading out early.
An excellent weapon as well as armor are for that reason a blessing straight at the beginning.
Two armors are reasonably simple to get at the beginning.
The mutant armor can be conveniently ignored.
Mango reveals you which armor you can ready to the beginning.

armor: mutant armor and bone shield

How do I obtain mutant armor?
As quickly as you discover your initial cave, it gets truly major.
You obtain to take care of a wide range of mutants, things truly come down to service.
As soon as you have actually done among the slimmed critters, you can dismantle the body.
A little pointer: If you remain in the co-op, stand next to the body and start taking apart with each other.
Due to the fact that every person obtains a shred mutant shield right into the inventory.
You can develop these scraps directly, you don’t need to craft anything.
In total amount, you can put on 10 pieces of mutant shield as well as hence decorate your complete body.
The shield is a little hidden in your backpack-drive the mouse to the lower right, past the rocks.
Right here are strange skin flaps-your new armor.
A click as well as you place it on.
Just how do I get bone armor?
You have to craft this armor.


For this you require:
4x bones
1x rope
1x adhesive tape
The armor is a little expensive for the beginning of the game.
You must consider whether it is worth it at the beginning to compromise rope and also adhesive tape.
Bones are much easier to locate.
Consider your map as well as take notice of little water surfaces.
There are a lot more outdoors tents on such swimming pools in which you can find bones as well as heads.
You can likewise put them on the fire as well as allow them shed if you have limbs in the inventory.
The charred remains come to be bones after a specific time.
What brings armor?
At the base of your wellness, a brand-new bar starts with the existing armored toughness.
The shade shows what kind of shield you have.
A maximum of 10 sections can be stacked below.

Damages do not go directly to your health, but just on the armor.
The different sorts of armor has different durability.
The mutant shield is weak-a stronger mutant can pull you two sections with one dropped swoop.
Yet it is cheap and every mutant eliminated contributes among the scraps of skin.
Don’t fail to remember: be moderately with your resources.
If you can still utilize them, you don’t recognize.
If you have any suggestions on the beginning, leave a talk about the topic.
After the big launch, every hint is valuable: Kids of the Forest is already the most significant survival game on Vapor 14 hrs after the release-despite issues

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