What do you do when you’re a 29-year-old League of Legends veteran who’s struggling to make ends meet? Daniel Diamondprox Reshetnikov was faced with just this dilemma, and he made the brave decision to sign with a small Norwegian team to support his family. Find out how this unlikely move paid off for Diamondprox in this inspiring story!

At League of Legends, the 29-year-old Russian Daniel Diamondprox Reshetnikov is considered a veteran, he drove 4 times to World Championships for the very first time in 2012. In May 2022, he desired to support his household with LOL and signed with a Norwegian group.
Half a year later on, the Russian seems to have actually lost the belief in e-sports.
Who is Diamond Pro?
The 29-year-old Russian comes from St. Petersburg and was already in the first Seasons of League of Legends, more than ten years ago, a huge number: in 2011 he went far for himself as a Jungle of Group Empire, the core of which
Later on, as Moscow Five and Gambit Video gaming, celebrated terrific success in Europe.
He played as a jungle and shone on champs like Lee Sin, ASUS or Olivier.
The Russian was thought about somebody who had the ability to develop great jungle choices in the early Seasons champs, even if the heroes were really thought about weak.
In between 2012 and 2018, Diamondprox participated in World Championships 4 times: 2012, 2013, 2017 and 2018. It was not enough for the excellent successes.
Its cash prize from ten years LOL is approximated at $157,850 (via eSportearnings).

Profit indications for absolute minimum to eat household for absolute minimum

He has now landed with the team: In 2022, Diamondprox had definitely gotten here towards the end of his profession at the end of his profession: in May 2022 he signed the Norwegian Bifrost and was to complete in the regional league NLC, where teams from Scandinavia and Great Britain play versus each other.
He states he made it clear to the team that he was playing for the outright minimum to support his family.

Agreements remain in the shop like Sloppier, with which bosses tidy up the butt

What went incorrect?
In a post on Twit longer, the Russian describes that he was never ever paid for the club for his more than 1,000 hours of work.


The team had actually held him for months with statements on how hard it was to provide him money in Russia-because of the sanctions.

When you found a way to send him cash in November, it was said that it doesn’t suit time, you are awaiting sponsorship funds.
Now the team’s CEO has actually resigned, and the cash has still not come.
Instead, he received an e-mail that the group was most likely dealing with insolvency.
He states:

So basically they abducted me for months, wasted my time, guaranteed that I fault because of this due to the fact that I am stacked here instead of looking for brand-new methods to make cash.
[…] >
The entire situation has actually been worrying me for months and I hesitate to try to find another LOL group.
Above all, because my best pal in E-Sport, Edward, was simply cheated hard.

None of it itches what we sign, agreements in the store are like toilet tissue and the owner of a group can hence rub out the ass […] >
According to my calculations, I gave BiFrost more than 1,000 hours of my workforce, and likewise the time when I trained for the Aurora Cup.
I don’t understand if I ever wish to tear my ass open once again, work more than 12 hours a day every day and then get absolutely no cash and cheat on my household by not supporting them much better.

I hope that there is something like karma in this world and that it will strike her tough when it strikes.
This lags it: This is a phenomenon that keeps appearing.
E-sport seems to be a buzz for some investors, the next huge thing with which money can be made.
However just the leading groups are really successful-for lots of others it is a subsidy service due to the fact that hardly any income can be found in.
In September 2022, a group of Berlin resigned, the one in charge mentioned the team as black hole that feasted on the thousands of euros
Some groups from the 3rd or Second row in E-Sport for that reason have huge monetary problems, the owners are doing ten or numerous thousands of euros in, at some time the cash is gone, and the gamers are eventually the victims.
There are more stories that either no cash was paid or the players train and live under conditions that are lethal:
Professional gamer from CS: GO dies at the age of 19-team should now pay EUR 72,000 to his household