Today it was lastly time, over a year later on Avatar 2: The Method of Water and at the moment it appears like James Cameron had actually developed a genuine work of art.
But the less popular manga adjustment Anita: Battle Angel from 2019 also originates from Cameron.
The most recent signs might quickly go into the 2nd round.

exists a sequel to Anita: Fight Angel in planning?

The manga genuine film from 2019 came across rather combined reviews within the press and only reached a rating of 61 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, regardless of the German star occupation Christoph Waltz.
For a long period of time, it was only hardcore fans who seriously thought in a sequel.
This could change now.
In an interview with Range, director Robert Rodríguez and manufacturer James Cameron, who had actually already interacted on the first part, discussed a possible Anita continuation.
Cameron even asked the director to deal with a virtual blood rig to interact on the task.
It looks like this is actually a heart of the 2.

How most likely is a sequel actually?

In spite of the rather sobering evaluations, Anita: Battle Angel (now purchase EUR 9.99) for 20th Century Studios at the box workplace in no method.

Production costs are estimated at $150 to $200 million, with the movie accomplishing an overall of $400 million.


With the fantastic success of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Method of Water, it is likewise quite conceivable that he will get more influence within the production business.
Source: Variety/Twitter
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