One of Rare’s the most beloved franchises is Conker’s, which has gone through many potholes, since today the saga games have not returned for some reason.
It all started with an adventure dedicated to the Game Boy laptop, and everything culminated with the somewhat censored remake of what we saw in Nintendo 64 but now in Xbox.
Of course, attempts have been made to return to the character in different cameos or small experiences, one of them was the Project Spark, where the squirrel had a change of appearance that users did not like users.
The original Labs Bad Fur Days was also added through the Rare Replay collection, but beyond that it has remained in oblivion.
Recently a new collaboration has been announced between Conker and G Fuel, an energy formula that although it is a return, can discourage who was waiting for a video game.
Something that attracts attention is that the Great Mighty Poo, chief of the game that is not saying that it is a mountain of excrement is taken as the main face.
G Fuel is selling the product through a $60 box, which includes both the Mighty Poo formula and a vinyl figure of that character.
Although for now it is not available, but you have to join the waiting list, something that is contemplated with a shipment until April next year, something that was not expected and does not make so much joy.

Via: Kodak
Editor’s note: It is sad to know that Rare does not have the slightest interest in reliving the franchise, it would be very good if they do a remaster of the last game for the classic Xbox.
But it seems that everything related to the developer of England is practically dead.