Valve revealed on Monday (2) a series of changes in Mrs for Blast Paris Major 2023 of CS: GO.

The FPS developer and publisher will organize the closed Mrs qualifiers and will also feature a regional ranking that will define precisely the teams that will receive direct invitations to these closed selective, thus returning to a model of the minors time, old regional selective to
The CS World: GO.
The APAC (Asia-Pacific) RMR has also undergone changes and will have double the number of participants.


Earlier, the continent’s final selective for Major had only four teams, and will now have eight teams.
The European RMR has also been reformulated and will feature a Last Chance, a recap system that will take the best teams in the region not classified to the major in the dispute for one last vacancy.
Last Chance will have 2 to 3 teams from Mrs A and B from the European continent.
Valve also announced that each continental RMR will have, necessarily, a number of participants at least twice as many vacancies offered to the CS: GO World Cup, which means that a RMR that gives 16 vacancies to the major, by
Example, will have a minimum number of 32 participants.
The RMR of the Americas, in turn, will now give only 5 vacancies to the Major of CS: GO, being only one of them for Legends Stage.
This is due to the continent to have achieved only two teams in Major’s Legends (Top 16): Curia and Team Liquid, with Curia being the only team in the region classified to Champions Stage, playoff phase of the CS: GO World Cup.
Despite the series of changes, the Mrs will continue to be played in Swiss format, in which teams with the same record of victories and defeats face each other.
Blast Paris Major 2023 will be played from August 8 to 21, in the capital of France, will ing together 24 teams and will have a total prize of US $1.25 million (R $6.65 million, in the current dollar price).