There are many types of weapons that players can use in High on Life, but one of the most outstanding is a reasonable knife, aptly called a knife.
Kinda can cause serious damage to enemies and bosses, such as Kris, but players also have the opportunity to strike an ally.
Soon after they take a knife from the 9-Torg gang, they will return home, where the chatty weapon will ask him to stick him into the gin.
There is an achievement associated with the wound of Gin, so players should take the opportunity so far.

What will happen if you strike a gin with a knife in the High mode in Life mode?

Stabbing Gene actually does not have much influence on the game or its plot, but only adds several additional dialogs.
The knife will beg the players to let him strike Gin, and help a friend is always nice.
There are no serious shortcomings in this, and you will unlock the achievement when the action is completed, so this is a victory for everyone… except Gin.
It is not clear whether the players have the opportunity to strike Gin and get an achievement later in the game, so it is recommended to take a chance when it will be presented to you.
Throughout the game, there are several additional actions, such as a victory over 5-Torg, and it is usually recommended to use these opportunities as long as there is an opportunity.
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