The acclaimed CD Project Red role game is absolutely massive, and certainly there is no shortage of parallel activities for Gerald of Trivia to participate.


That includes contracts, in which players investigate mysterious deaths and discover mortal creatures (whether men or beasts) in the process.
One, in particular, makes our hero sent to a field to locate the bodies of a rather lascivious group of hunters who had an encounter with the ghost of the field.
Here is how to complete the Blanca Lady contract in The Witcher 3.
This contract is on the outskirts of the walls of the city of NORAD and is recommended for levels 16 or more.

How to complete the Blanca Lady contract in The Witcher 3

Regardless of when you decide to eliminate this mission in particular, be sure to equip the Arden sign and rub a little Oil in your silver sword.
Now that everything is ready, go to the widow who published the contract request and follow her instructions.

This will lead Gerald to realize that it is a Noon wraith with which he is trying, and that he will need some personal effect of the deceased to really put to rest the ghost.
Go to the widow to discover why this Noon wraith, the white lady, is so angry and receives her dagger.
Take the dagger to the field, throw it to the fire and meditate until noon.
Be sure to apply the Specter oil to your sword before placing the dagger.
Now is the time to fight.
Noon wraiths is really not too difficult to fight at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
He throws to Arden, then wait at the center of his protective circle.
Once the white lady enters, she puts himself aside and proceeds to attack.
After sufficient damage, the spectrum will disappear in a light burst, summoning three weakest spectra in its place.
These weakest have a vampire ability that is activated once they approach enough.
The good thing is that they die of a single blow, so to prevent Blanca Sane from through her henchmen, take out your crossbow and kill the newly invoked spectra from a distance.
Once they have gone, you can destroy the Noon wraith.
While it has a relatively small amount of health, it can cause a lot of damage if it really manages to hit you.
In addition, if you try to attack her while in her gray state (when she is out of Arden), you will receive a considerable amount of damage.
Be patient and let her come to you.
Going to the safe will allow you to finish this fight in your first attempt in less than two minutes.
As soon as you die, loot your remains to get your trophy and deliver your contract.
Another job well done.
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