Ni antic regularly adds new functions and events in Pokémon Go, such as the Mythic Blade event, giving players the opportunity to catch new and unique Pokémon.
The last added function allows players to meet and catch Pokémon of different sizes in the form of XXS and xxl catches.
These Pokémon will not be too common, so the players will have to have a sharp eye to catch them.

How to catch Pokémon XXS and XXL in Pokémon Go?

These Pokémon will not be as rare as brilliant Pokémon, but they will still be relatively difficult to find outside the events and holidays.


Pooched, Eighteen and Mawile can be found with variants of different sizes at the time of writing, but the number of Pokémon with this function will probably increase over time.
Players will be able to see if Pokémon has a special size with the words He is tiny!
Or it’s huge!
Appears over Pokémon during a meeting with capture (shown above).

How to find out the size of Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

To visually see the size of the Pokémon, especially if it has a certain size (XXS or XXL), players can look at the spite of Pokémon.
Whether it is in their storage of Pokémon or sits like their badly Pokémon, Pokémon should be noticeable.

Players should also be able to get more information about the size of the Pokémon and how many Pokémon of each size the player caught in the recording in the Pokémon for this.
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