Crazy Racing Cart rider (Cart rider), who has been loved by Nixon’s representative casual racing for nearly 20 years.
Nitro Studio CHO Jae-won presented the entrance statement and announced the end of the service.

CHO Jae-won, director of Kart rider and Cart rider: Drift, told the Nixon’s official website on the 11th.

Mr. CHO, who first apologized to his fans, said, The end of the service was as heavy and serious as it was for an hour.
However, through an external article, the decision was exposed first and confused to the fans.

Mr. CHO officially announced the decision to end the service.
Kart rider’s future was discussed at a variety of angles at Nixon, and he explained that the new direction of the IP and the end of the service were decided for the future.

At the time of the launch, Mr. CHO promised that he would deliver stories and support measures that he could not do through live broadcasts on January 5, 2023.


Detailed game service end schedules and follow-up plans are expected to be released on that day.

Meanwhile, the game’s update will be made in the form of applying the promised contents to the end of the service starting with the update that will be held on December 22.

On the 9th, Kart rider’s domestic service ended early in 2023, but Nixon has not made an official position on this.

Cart rider, which was released in 2004, has been in service for a long time as a casual racing that symbolizes Nixon.
Since then, the sequel to Outrider: Drift reveals the service schedule, attracting attention to how the two games will be serviced.
‘Cart rider: Drift’, which is newly developed as an Unreal Engine, is served as a PC, mobile, and console, and cross play supports games on various platforms, so Nixon will focus on the development of Kart rider’s development.

Meanwhile, the 2022 Cart rider League, which is made up of cart riders, is scheduled to be finalized with the Live Sandbox and Guangdong PRI on the 17th.
The League follow-up plan will also be revealed through the live broadcast on January 5, which will be held after the league is over.