Won shin, which is being serviced by Hobo Bus, has launched a special broadcast of version 3.3 through the official YouTube channel. Song Joon-seok, who was in charge of Ito’s voice, started the broadcast as a special broadcast main. The first opening was mentioned or emerged by one of the original story characters, Do tore and Piero, and introduced the battle videos of Wanderers and Tarzan, which will be added as a new character’s origin.

3.3 guests are Lupine Lee Sarah, Ito Song Joon-seok voice actor, and wanderer Min Byung-soo voice actor. It is scheduled to open a mission intermediate ‘origin’, and it is about Skaramushu caught by me and the story after that. Skaramushu goes with a traveler and NASA, and Payson mentions Tatars.

Scaramouch has changed his clothes and has been renamed as a wanderer. The weapon is the law, the attributes, the wind, the general attack flag and the Megan, the elemental combat skills are the songs that are conveyed by the fable and the wind, and the element explosion skills are Keen and the FIG. A normal attack is a ranged attack that blows the wind blade, and the elemental combat skills are floating and can be used with special general attacks and strong attacks. The special gauge of floating can keep it in the air.

In addition, if you contact water/fire/ice/lightning element, you can get a variety of effects, such as increasing floating power or restoring element energy. And if you unlock the dream of the dream of the characteristics, if you attack the enemy when you are in a floating state, you will receive a special buff. Instead, special buffs are consumed and disappeared. Elemental explosion skills are kicked in the air, which causes the enemy to damage the wind. The unique characteristics are very useful because of the decrease of Morey consumed when the bow/law breaks through.

Tarzan recorded Kim Yuri’s voice. The weapon is a bow and attributes are wind. General attacks are ordinary. Elemental combat skills can be used to blow up the troubles, and the next full-charged attack can use a winding element attack that pulls enemies. Elemental explosive skills are summoned a shining multifamily, which reduces wind element resistance while influencing the wind element range.

The characters that have the effect of the element explosion of the Tarzan can also receive the wisdom characteristic buff of the lost seven caves. If the characteristics are opened, the buffed character increases the damage to 32%of the paras an basic attack if the enemy damage to the enemy by the general/strong attack/fall/elemental combat skill or element explosion. It is a supporter character for wind element dealers.

The first half of the event is the wanderer, Arawak Ito, and can be picked up with Tarzan. Later event origins are waiting for Leiden Shogun and Kamikaze Amato. It is also possible to remembers the memory of the new weapon law Tour Tulsa, which is assumed to be a dedicated weapon for the wanderer.

Two new relics have been added. The history of the pavilion of the sand is the two-set effect wind elemental damage bonus +15%, and the four-set effect is a 10% increase in the character’s general attack speed after hitting the strong attack, and the damage caused by the general attack/strong attack/fall attack is 40% Increase. It is difficult for cows to use, and it is good for wanderers to use.

The lost paradise flowers have two sets of effects +80pt. The four set effects increase the damage caused by the equipped characters by flowering, in full bloom, and ignition reactions, and the bonus effect increases by 25% for 10 seconds due to the reaction effect that the mounting character mentioned earlier. It is also expected to be used by a supporter character that requires element mastery and a full element reaction when the equipped character is atmospheric.

The Kits Forest Boring Test Event has been added. You can get one-handed sword petals and an umbrella powder. The crowns of knowledge, Morey, gemstones, and characteristics are the bonuses. It is similar to a brick breaking game that adjusts the paddle to destroy the play block. The properties of the paddles change to suit the character’s elemental characteristics.

There are also speed run events that collect tracks and balloons over the field. It is a collection of high scores by collecting outdoor balloons deployed throughout the stage. At the event site, you can use the skills of the party character, so the key is to combine the characters that are useful for climbing or running. As a reward, it provides small rewards such as gemstones and Morey.


The whereabouts of the wind, the hide-and-seek Dine mode event is back. The player is divided into Hunter and Ranger, and the Ranger must run away from Hunter and hide or transform into an object and survive within the time limit. This version is not just boring the ranger caught by Hunter, and the Ranger who is watching can summon various objects that can interfere with the hunter using beacon skills. Hunter also had several detection skills, so he refined the parts that were unfortunate each other and returned to an interesting event.

A lost urban front event has been added. By challenging unexplored, you can get three ancient runes and experience various characters. A total of seven stages are ready. In addition, it is also a very useful event for adventurers who need Morey and experience books.

Summoning seven adults at all times is officially opened. It is a card game called one stone, and it is a content that can be enjoyed enough to say that there is nothing to say. You can play against various NPCs in the game and play card games through matching with users.

The main goal is to summon seven adults to eliminate all opponents’ decks by equipped with their own decks. The deployed deck must include a character card, and the character card uses a normal attack, a raw skill and an element explosion. In addition to the characters, there are also monster cards.

Each time you act, the element dice is consumed. Each turns eight elements, one of the eight elements appears. In addition to the existing seven elements, there are also all-around dice. If the non-elemental Dirk acts, the dice of the disorder or the all-round element is consumed. In addition, you can consume the element dice to replace the character card or change it with a functional card.

You can earn experience through confrontation, and you can meet many NPCs and confrontations by leveling. You can complete the challenge and win a number of rewards such as Lucky Coin and Card. Functional cards include equipment cards and support cards, and you can buy multiple cards such as equipment cards and welcome covers in stores. The welcome cover is a skin concept, and you can see the wonderful animation.