We just took seconds to establish comparisons between League of Legends and Pokémon when the arrival of new pets was announced in the 2023 preseason. Having a small creature as a companion to which we should feed and take care while helping us carry out our functions in departure It gave rise to obvious parallels. An idea that the community has not taken to collect to do what was already considered inevitable: to create custom and unofficial skins for the jungle monsters with which they become the most mythical creatures of the Collectible Monster franchise.

The Pokémon invasion to the invoked crack

The cosmetics in question were created by a player who, due to pure fun, has been creating personalized sound effects for different champions. A task that this time has combined with the introduction of the 3D models of the initial Pokémon of the first generation. Bulbasaur, Character and Squirrel have been chosen. Of course, each of them replaces the pet with the color that represents its elementary type. Thus, for example, the plant type starter takes the role of the green companion.

In the video we can see how this integration is also very well carried out. Although it is true that the artistic style of League of Legends and that of Pokémon generate some dissonance, the truth is that the effort is evident to add something that really deserves the penalty. Good proof of this are the evolutions, which take place every time we reach 20 and 40 accumulations in the object. In these brands we can make our initials the different members of the evolutionary chain of these species. The problem, that is, we would end up playing only our favorite and not changing item for the jungle depending on the game.

Although Riot Games reserves the right to make personalized aspects programs stop working, the truth is that Banjos does not usually carry out players who use custom cosmetics provided they are not copies of their skins. This case, however, could be different. Nintendo has earned the fame of etchings defending his intellectual property even above what seems reasonable and, however and respectful that work is, it will not make him much grace that fans have taken this path with scarlet and purple Pokemon freshly released.