Hive I’m (CEO Woo-Yong Jung) and ‘Be Star 2: Beta’s Knights’, which is being developed by Flint (CEO Kim Young-mo) and is being developed at the ‘G-STAR 2022’ held in BEX CO, Susan for four days from the 17th. The event was finished. During the event, about 35,000 people visited the booth to experience ‘Be Star 2: Beta’s Knights’.

In order to showcase this work, Flint welcomed visitors by providing 100 booth BTC exhibition spaces, the largest exhibition in the second exhibition, and a demonstration to allow users to play the game. In addition, the PC version and the mobile version were exhibited at the same time to show smooth cross play.

“ Be Star 2: Beta’s Knights ” gained high response from visitors with action quality that maximizes the advantages of intuitive 2D action, exciting storytelling, detailed worldview setting, and sophisticated beautiful characters. Visitors who experienced the PC version said, I was surprised to have a great sense of immersion that I was mistaken as a console game. I was able to feel the high-quality belt scroll action and the character of the beautiful characters in the game..

Other visitors who experienced the mobile version also had a high level of completion that they were mistaken as a formal service version. It was able to summon the characters with different characteristics and have fun, and the voice of the voice actors and the dark fantasy novels of the voice actors. The high cut scene was also interesting.

“ Be Star 2: Beta’s Knights ” Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay, Game Experience, Official YouTube Subscription, and Photo Zone Shooting Quests, etc. It was hot.

Hive and Hive IM held a press conference in ‘G-STAR 2022’, and announced the conclusion of the publishing and investment contracts of the new Flying, the Star 2: Beta’s Knights.


Chung Worrying, CEO of Hive I’m, said, With the interest and affection of many users, we were able to successfully finish the first place that introduced ‘Be Star 2: Beta’s Knights’ for the first time. We will share the contents’ production philosophy of quality ‘quality’ and plan to cooperate to promote the service of ‘Be Star 2: Beta’s Knights’.

Kim Young-mo, CEO of Flint, said, Many users will feel thank you for sending a hot support with a positive evaluation with a positive evaluation, he said. We will continue to develop game quality through active communication with users and close cooperation with Hive I’m.

‘Be Star 2: Beta’s Knights’ is the sequel to the first star of 2014! It maximizes the advantages of the intuitive 2D action that reinterprets the original fun of the belt scroll arcade game that enjoyed the 80s and 90s as a modern trend, and built an action quality. The metabolic text and more than 200 cuts are produced with full voice of the top voice actors in Korea. In addition, the detailed worldview setting and the beautiful characters designed are also the elements that doubles the fun of ‘Be Star 2: Beta’s Knights’.