Last Tuesday (15), began the face-to-face phase of Valorant Champions Tour: Game Changers, World Riot Games FPS tournament dedicated exclusively to women and non-bundles players.

The initiative marks the beginning of the global women’s scenario of the shooting game that, until then, had only regional female leagues. For this first edition, eight teams are competing for the $180,000 main prize.

The face-to-face phase of the World Championship is taking place in Berlin, Germany. Team Liquid’s azilian line-up is already classified for the top key finals, in an MD5 series against the G2 Dozen that will give direct access to the grand final of the World Cup.

Check out the teams participating in the first edition of the global tournament, the calendar of matches, awards and more:


Superior Key


  • Cloud9 White 2 x 0 GRU Fem
  • G2 Dozen 2 x 0 x10 Sapphire
  • Shopify rebellion 2 x 1 guild x
  • Team liquid 2 x 1 fennel GC


  • G2 Dozen 2 x 1 Cloud9 White
  • Team Liquid 2 x 1 Shopify Rebellion


  • G2 Dozen x Team Liquid-18/11, 15h (asília time)

Lower key

Round 1

  • X10 Sapphire 2 x 1 GRU fem
  • Guild x X FENNEL GC-17/11, 18h (asília time)

Round 2

  • Shopify Rebellion x X10 Sapphire-18/11, 09h (asília time)
  • Cloud9 White x Time Not yet defined-18/11, 12h (asília time)

Lower key

  • Teams not yet defined-19/11, 13h (asília time)


  • Times not yet defined-19/11, 16h (asília time)

Grand final

  • Times not yet defined-20/11, 13h (asília time)


All matches will be oadcast by Riot Games’s official valiant channels on Twitch and YouTube. Transmission is also allowed, with images, from matches to streamers who wish to participate.


1st place-U $180 thousand

2nd place-U $110 thousand

3rd place-U $80 thousand

4th place-U $50 thousand

5th place-U $25 thousand

6th place-U $25 thousand

7th place-U $15 thousand

8th place-U $15 thousand