The name says it all. I am Jesus Christ. This is the name of the lt indie madness that awakens psions on social networks. Announced back in 2019, finally its creators have confirmed when we can play it for the first time. Through a new and blphemous trailer (on these lines), Similar’s boys have announced that on December 1, 2022 they will launch a kind of demo in Steam that describe a short version of the game in which we can explore the ancient Nazareth and the lifestyle of that time.

Become a viral phenomenon and described on its Steam page a highly realistic simulation game, the surrounding hype am Jesus Christ h reached levels rarely seen. Each trailer is more daring and heretical than the previous 1. In them, we have seen everything: miracles, resurrection, multiplication of fish and much more. Several million reproductions on Twitter and YouTube are attesting (and never better) of the expectation he awakens and the Pollard in the form of controversies that are anticipated. Have we said Pollard? Sand storms!

Immerse yourself in the old days and follow the same path that Jesus Christ followed 2000 years ago. Since he w baptized until his death and subsequent resurrection. Have you ever wondered what would be like him, the most powerful and privileged man on the planet?, Says the synopsis of its distributor, Play way, whom we precisely know for its eccentric simulators (911 Operator, Thief Simulator, Cooking Simulator… etc.).


The adaptation of the Bible we needed

I am Jesus Christ will be an open world game with more than 30 miracles for undertaking, special skills and all kinds of moments and situations taken from the New Testament. Developed in Unreal Engine 5, throughout it, we will meet more than 60 characters in the Bible, and we will attend chapters such the Crucifixion of Jesus, its subsequent resurrection and a realistic fight with Satan (in which verses this would come? The adventure will have to pray to obtain superpowers and thus share with God their challenges, their sufferings and their power. Go out it comes out, to catch us confessed.