The final championship of the Summers War World Arena Championship 2022 (SIC 2022), which was held in Korea, was China’s TARS. He defeated Duncan in Korea with his own strategy and repaid the excitement of staying in the semifinals last year.

In the first set, the two players prelate each other’s main monsters, cancer slayers and cancer monsters. DUNCAN consists of a speed-oriented build with wind and water attribute sky surfers, and TARS created a combination of deals with water strikers and fire bistraders. The game seemed to be released as Duncan’s thought, but the monster of Tars was harder than expected, so the attack did not work. So the first game was somewhat quickly finished with Tars’ victory.

In the second leg, TARS pulled out cancer slayers as if it were natural, and Duncan also pulled out the cancer monsters, who were former round prevent. The game flowed badly to Duncan. At first, Punk Logo’s death was only in two people, and in the second death, four people were stunned, but they were released immediately. Eventually, TARS’s cancer slayer was completed, and Duncan gave up the game.

In the third set, Duncan played the Punk Robot with the Queen of Desert and Punk Robot during the same form as the first set. The strategy was not bad. Sky Surfers caught the turn, and Punk Logo succeeded up to four stuns. However, the damage was slightly lacking to finish the enemy. In the meantime, Duncan’s monsters fell one by one, and the water monster built a resurrection stack little by little, and the game returned to the victory of China’s representative TARS.

TARS pushed the enemy with cancer slayers and water dragons, which can be called his signature pick from the quarter-finals to the end. These two picks were literally powerful but could not be stopped. Subaru in the quarter-finals, Android in the fourth round, and Duncan, who met in the finals, have established a strategy to prevent those two picks. In addition, the monsters of TARS have grown strongly in Duncan’s onslaught, which led to the championship.

Korea’s representative DUNCAN hit the enemy with perfect performance to the semifinals, but luck was not followed in the finals. Punk Logo, who had been a victory fairy for all the players throughout the finals, did not play well in Duncan’s match, and Duncan had to play against all the enemy’s CC. In the end, he could not regain the pride of the Jong-il country in the World Finals held in Korea in four years.

TARS was able to repay the excitement that had to stay in third place last year. TARS, who won the championship, was awarded $100,000. While all other players participated in offline, he had to play alone in China, saying he didn’t expect it to win. I’m so happy to win an unexpected championship, he said.