The sequel to Remedy Entertainment Control, which was popular with its unique worldview and setting reminiscent of the SCP Foundation, was officially announced. Remedy and overseas game publisher 505 Games are jointly developed, and higher development costs are invested.

The news was released by Remedy Entertainment on the official website on the 11th. Control Series Mikael Saarinen, a game director of the game, said, I made a leap into an unknown world with the control 2, I wanted to make something new. It will jump into the world of the world.

At the same time, a control 2 concept art was released. Three people tied up in the line are floating in the air, and this is expected to tell a story about beings with unknown psychic powers. The control, which was released in 2019, was based on the FBC, a secret agency that manages a supernatural force and a person, and dealt with a journey to save New York, which was eroded by the supernatural phenomenon.


As mentioned earlier, Control 2 is co-developed by Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games. The initial development budget is 50 million euros, which is larger than its predecessor. Control 2 is produced by Remedy Entertainment’s own engine North light, and PC publishing is played by Remedy and console distribution by 505 Games. Control 2 IP is owned by Remedy, and the profits generated in the game are distributed evenly to the two companies.

Control 2 is fitted with PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and is initial stage of development. Therefore, the specific content of the game seems to take some time.

Meanwhile, Remedy is preparing with the Control 2, with the EVE Co-operative Game Code Name Vanguard, the Code Name Condor, which is the title of the control spin-off multiplayer, and Alan Wake 2, which predicted the launch next year.