At present, Steam Deck is a console that can be considered as a PC to carry that it is much more compact than the Gamer laptop, and it is that it plays all kinds of titles, from the most demanding to The non-plaintiffs. For that reason the product has no competition, or at least that is what was being thought until recently.

The brand WIMAX which is known for manufacturing high-end virtual reality viewers with huge fields of vision has just announced one of its most ambitious releases so far. This seems to be a kind of Steam Deck but with the ability to handle games with AR and VR. This is named after Primal Portal .

The device was shown during the presentation Frontier 2022 and is sold as the first metaverse entertainment system in the world. If you can achieve everything that the company suggests, it would be a versatile game machine. Well, today there are no consoles that include a virtual reality system, of course the PSVR2 will come out, but it is not something of the factory.

The main body is a type Switch construction that presents a central screen with magnetic controls on each side. The 5.5-inch HDR screen is not a joke, with a 4K resolution that works at an update frequency of 144 Hz.

A specification sheet also mentions the Snapdragon XR2 , which has been an impressive VR chip. It also has interchangeable modules such as battery packages or 5G cell link, and low latency, as well as compatibility with game streaming applications.

Portal will be released from $299 USD and the most expensive version currently quotes in $599 . It still has no departure date.