In this Quest guide to Secret of the Sand in God of War Ragnarök you can find out:

  • How you start the favor of secret of the sands
  • Where you find the calling being
  • How you get the armor set of the gloss

The secret of the Sand is a side quest by God of War Ragnarök in the Álfheimr area. If you follow the favor, you have to free a mystical being from a predicament and have the chance of an armor set and a treasure. We take you through the quest.

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mystery of the Sand: This is how you start the quest

At the end of the Grow’s Secret quest in Álfheimr, an optional path opens that leads you into the The Gorges area. On the way through the gate into the desert you will find a treasure map called Fairfield with a body. The following riddle is on this:

  • _ Looking for peace, the beast will only find war. Your last breath on the sand. Your last meal of gold under the bones. _

We reveal the site of the treasure at the end of the article. Follow the path until you come to pulsating, red glowing plants (stick substance). Seats the Leviathan at to you at an angle that you both meet directly one after the other . Then climb the rock wall on the right.

Once at the top, you can snap one of Odin’s raven , which pulls on the right across the rock. Speak to Sindhi about the beast that ATREUS heard and the favor of secret of the Sand begins.

secret of the sands: cross the depth

Follow the path past Sindhi’s shop and ATREUS finds a sled with which you reach the wasteland. Ride south in the sandstorm until you see a cave entrance that leads you to the region Die Depth. Follow the path and you meet an aggressive dark alb .

Coins him out of the way and hurls the Leviathan at at the right angle onto the twilight stone so that it bounces off and destroys all three stick substances. The path into a cave is released in which you meet other dark albums. Switch it off and climb the rock wall.

Cross the gorge with the cable car and hang with the chaos blades along the rocks. One of the anchor spots is blocked by stock substance . Hop the lead on the right, and you will find the right angle in which you have to throw the Leviathan ax into the Hammerstein. The tendrils explode and lay the path clear.

mystery of the Sand: overcome overgrew gorge

You reach a cave full of twilight stones and will be attacked by a group of dark albums. Heat them with the chaos blades and crawl through the gap in the northern wall. Outside you arrive again A gorge overgrown by Stockading .

Throw the ax into the explosive jug below the tendrils and you release a twilight st1. Turn around, and you see another jug with which you can blow up the rock that blocks the way. From there you get the right angle for a throw in the twilight stone and released a chest with resources.

At the next tendril, you hurled the Leviathan at through the crop on the left into the insert stone . The ax bounces off, hits the remaining plants and releases the path. Jump over the gorge, turn around and hurl the ax into the explosive jug to blow up the rock. Remove back and throw the ax into the exposed twilight stone on the rock wall on the left. This destroys the tendrils further ahead and releases an anchor point for the chaos blades.

Swings up and looted the chest. In front of you can see a pendulum with a twilight stone that you can move with ax thrusts. If it turns so that the Hammerstein points to the south and throw the Leviathan ax on it. The last ranking plant has now been destroyed, and you reach the next cave.

secret of the sand: free Hague and find shoulder pieces of the gloss

You found the calling animal: A gigantic Hague that is stuck in stock substance . To free him, proceed as follows:

  1. Breaks the rock with a throw on the explosive jug behind it. You can find the angle when you position yourself on the far right of the gorge.
  2. Hops over the gorge and hurls the ax through the stick substance to the twilight stone in the east.
  3. Go back up and hurl the Leviathan to the dime red stone on the western rock wall to loosen the stick substance.


Then follow ATREUS outside and climb one floor higher. Here you will find a legendary chest with the Whisper Stone Resource and the breast equipment Latter pieces of the gloss (level 4) . This gives you a moderate chance of happiness for a runner with every evasive maneuver at the last second.

Loosen the stick substance next to the chest and climb the rock wall. Drive with the sledge about 150 meters to the north and destroys the last piece of the stick substance. The Hague is now free and the quest Secret of the Sand is completed.

Treasure of the Treasure Card Fairfield mountains

If you have freed the Hague, look east. There you can see a gigantic skeleton with a bright object in the mouth . This is the treasure that is listed on the Fairfield treasure map. In addition to manufacturing components and unique resources, you will also find fatal detonation, an accessory for ATREUS. If he kills an opponent with a rune arrow, explodes it and causes moderate damage in the radio of detonation.

complete the armor set of the gloss

Climbs into the mouth of the skeleton, in front of which you recovered the treasure, and you will meet a horde of Grimm. Complete the beast and climb the rock wall at the end of the cave. In the legendary chest you will find the next armor part Belt of the Gloss .

Travel to the north of the wasteland, and you will find a temple. There you have to kill a group of dark albums before you can loot the legendary chest in which the armored gloves of the gloss lie.

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