[ Moon Byung-soo] Aka Games (CEO CHO Tae-hyun) opened the teaser site and TOK channel of the new mobile game ‘Guards Order’ on the 9th.

The Guards Order is a side-scrolling action RPG set in the background of the medieval fantasy worldview. Based on dot graphics, it is characterized by the fact that you can enjoy the taste of console sensitivity and exciting action in the mobile environment.

In addition to various combat systems such as brakes, hitting, and avoiding manual action, it provides strategic play through interactions with other articles and interactions with other articles. In addition, you can enjoy stories with various modes such as scenario mode, sniper, puzzles, and escape.

The Guards Order Teaser site presented preview videos and character introduction information. The released video expresses the beginning of a new time with the worldview with the meaning of the goddess’s memoirs for the future and the stories related to it.

In the introduction of the character, you can check the detailed explanations and various action motions of attractive major characters such as ‘Leeds bet’, ‘Violet’ and ‘Jan’.

The company opened the Cards Order KakaoTalk channel together. Aka Games plans to provide new contents and various game news through this teaser page and KakaoTalk channel.

Meanwhile, Wadis Order is being developed in the Road Complete, which is famous for its ‘Crusader Quest’, which recorded 25 million global cumulative downloads. The goal is to launch domestic and global next year.