After the hard defeat of T1 against DRX in the fifth map of the final of the Worlds of League of Legends, Faker will try to fight to raise his fourth cup of the indicator next year. For fans of the South Korean medium and the game it is a great news, since we have seen numerous flashes of quality of the veteran player throughout the tournament.

With a brief post on Instagram, Faker thanked the unconditional support for fans: Thank you all for your support during the World Cups. I hope we see each other next time. He arrived at his former companion Matey, which was the Support of T1 in 2019, when they fell against G2 eSports in semifinals.

The mandatory military service would not be a problem for him

What seems clear, is that Faker will not have to go through the mandatory military service of his country, so he could expand his sports career without any problem, in regard to this aspect, and that he has forced To numerous players to have to retire from the competitive of League of Legends, as I passed with the case of Khan. The player seems to be exempt by not having finished high school (equivalent to baccalaureate in Spain).

The key to the team would be to keep all its pieces , despite the possible interest of many sets in taking the services of several of the young talents of T1, especially Beria, who have already begun to sound The rumors that Damon Kia would like to sign it to bring him next to Viper and form a dream team. With Faker staying in the elite, it will be a great claim to keep the players, so in the T1 offices they should have a quiet market in search of a continuous project.