CS World Champion: GO In 2021, beating the PGL Major Stockholm, and twice elected the best player in the world for HLTV, Oleksandr Simple Costlier has already entered the mood of the azilian fans at IEM Rio Major 2022, the first CS World Cup : GO of history made in azil. After Navy eliminates Bad News Eagles on Monday (7) and reaching 2 wins and 2 losses at Legends Stage, the Ukrainian Aw per gave an interview to Fillip BT Moreno and André Lamina Keno and sang the song Ai If I catch you by Michel Tell, and with a surprisingly good Portuguese. Check out the video below.


Oh if I catch you became a big world hit between 2011 and 2012, in the voice of country singer Michel Tell. The song went viral on the internet at the time and reached first place in the hits of various countries in Europe, such as France, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Romania Bulgaria, Switzerland and Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Finland, In addition to several Latin American countries and entered the main stop of hits from the United States, the Billboard Hot 100, with a 81st place.

In addition to the singer moment, Simple spared no compliments to the azilian fans, classifying the atmosphere in Ribbentrop as Insane. The player even said that it was possible to hear the noise of the stands of the backstage area, where the games oadcast on secondary stream.

My big goal here is to play at (Tennessee) Arena. I would like to ask you to come here again tomorrow (Tuesday) to support us, said Simple, who also spoke about Navy’s defeats to Cloud9 and Team Liquid at Legends Stage.

The defeats for Cloud9 and Liquid took place in two very fierce games, two 16 x 14. We are more comfortable in MD3 games, and we hope to win this place for playoffs (Champions Stage) tomorrow. I hope you can cheer for us., added Simple.

IEM Rio Major 2022 takes place until November 13th. The CS World: GO ings together 24 teams and has a total prize of $1.25 million, being $500,000 for the champion team.