The Twitch streamer Nickeh30 really turns web content to Fortnite, but is additionally attempting to do the freshly released Telephone call of Task: Modern Warfare 2.

Who is the streamer?

  • Nicholas Nickeh30 Moon is among the biggest content makers for the game on YouTube (6.62 million subscribers) as well as Twitch (4.2 million followers).
  • Nickeh30 is also one of the finest Fortnite gamers on the planet. When he wanted to honestly rip off in a charity tournament, he obtained suspicious understanding in 2020.
  • Currently Nickeh30 is attempting to score with excellent feelings and positive outlook on the image of the family-friendly streamer.

What has occurred currently?

In the rounds, the language conversation was typically less gratifying. In one round there were especially horrible gamers. Nickeh30 praised every person once more after a win with a good video game and also, as was anticipated by him, got fairly desert.

The initial response of one more player was: You are shit, n . Nickeh30 left the Voice Conversation with a rather resigned smile.

You are crap, n , hold it mouth

The makers of Telephone call of Obligation evidently additionally see this behavior as a problem. It was just in September 2022 that there was a news that over 500,000 accounts of hazardous players were prohibited, an additional 300,000 needed to alter their names. Already in 2021, 350,000 accounts were blocked for poisonous actions.

As can be seen on the Nickeh30 clip, it will probably only aid limited and also the battle versus toxic gamers must be as limitless as that against cheaters. Some of them just return.


It is constantly a problem and also a huge objection of the game that components of the COD area can be fairly hazardous. Currently, in Modern Warfare (2019) there was such a rough tone that children were desired by programmers.

In the area there is also a various, instead weird conversation in between stubborn parties:

COD MW 2: The Net is saying concerning whether it is okay to discover a male with a mask attractive

The very first response of one more player was: You are shit, n . Nickeh30 left the Voice Conversation with a rather resigned smile.

Nickeh30 commended everyone again after a win with a great video game and, as was forecasted by him, received fairly desert.

The Twitch streamer Nickeh30 in fact turns content to Fortnite, however is likewise attempting to do the newly launched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.