Victoria Tosca no is dead in daytime Most current survivor, which will certainly be released on November 22nd in Phase 26 with the title Formed in Haze. His benefits offer you and your well-experienced benefits in repairing generators. These discounts allow the survivors to attain the major goal of an evaluation, the repair work of generators, much faster. Phase 26 will also release a brand-new awesome card called the Knight and the Shattered Square. Below you will find whatever you require to learn about Victoria Tosca nos, discount rates, meters and a lot more.

How to play Victoria Tosca no in Dead by Daylight

Victoria Tosca no is an Italian scholar as well as researcher who focuses on shed people, old history as well as neglected Walker. He tried to leave paradises from the dungeon with the Laps paradises in which he was caught, yet instead inadvertently entered the fog as well as became our most recent survivor. Right here is the personality profile of Victoria Tosca no:


Fun fact 2: The last name Tosca no refers to a person from the Italian area of Tuscany.
| year of birth: 1343
Sex Man| Role: Limitless hiker| Citizenship: Italian

Fun fact 1: Victoria is the Italian variation of Victor.

benefits of Victoria Tosca no

Right here are the 3 unique benefits of Victoria Tosca no:

Possible power

After repairing generators for a total of 12 secs, press the Active ability button to trigger possible energy:

Quick Gambit

The awesome’s Mood will be exposed to you for 4/5/6 secs if you pass a large ability check while you repair a generator.

If prospective power has at least 1 token, push the Energetic capability switch while repairing a generator to further establish it by 1 % per token, take in all staying symbols and deactivate potential power. In enhancement, prospective energy sheds all tokens as well as is shut off when a state of wellness is shed.


Boosts the repair work speed of each other survivor by 6/7/8 %, while they are pursued around the generator within 24 meters.

  • If you proceed with the repair work of the generator, potential energy is charged as opposed to advertising the generator.
  • Changing 1.5 % of the repair progression right into 1 token, up to a maximum of 20 symbols.
  • Missing Ability Checks bring about the loss of some symbols.

Victoria Tosca no counter

Quick Gambit can be countered by Awesome discount rates that other survivors punish nearby after they have actually gotten in the state of death or are worn by the awesome. The standard killer perks consist of shock, shock as well as Starstruck. Survivors close by can be within a particular series of the site of the awesome or its terror span.

Since they lose symbols in the event of a mistake, potential power can be counted by killers discounts that make skill tests an obstacle . The basic skill-check-placements that Killer carry out are Hex: lullaby of the hunter, overload and also Unnerving Visibility.

Fog Wise can be counted by All bonus, pressures or add-ons that provide the awesome the standing not verifiable Result, which stops your mood from being revealed. Typical discounts are Beast of Target, Tinkerer and also Path of Torment. The common awesome pressures include Wickedness Within I (The Forming), Night Shadow (The Ghost Face) and The Wailing Bell (The Wraith). Examples of attachments that not demonstrably offer the standing result are Blighted Corruption, Iridescent Block as well as Poor Guy’s Last Breath.

Just how to play the Victoria Tosca no in the PTB

If you desire to practice your Knight Awesome Constructs, you can use the PTB by taking the complying with steps:

  1. Open your Vapor library
  2. Right-click Dead by Daytime and also click on Quality
  3. Browse to beta
  4. Select public tests in the dropdown menu
  5. Restart Steam as well as begin Dead by Daytime

In daytime dead is presently offered for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X | s, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, iOS and also Android.

  • This article was updated on November 3, 2022

Victoria Tosca no is dead in daytime Most recent survivor, which will certainly be released on November 22nd in Chapter 26 with the title Formed in Haze. Chapter 26 will certainly likewise release a brand-new killer card called the Knight as well as the Shattered Square. Fog Wise can be counted by All bonus, pressures or add-ons that give the killer the status not verifiable Effect, which avoids your mood from being revealed. Quick Gambit can be responded to by Killer discount rates that various other survivors penalize neighboring after they have gotten in the state of fatality or are worn by the awesome. Survivors nearby can be within a particular array of the website of the awesome or its horror radius.