IGN IS CUP is the first female official League of Legends competition organized by Riot Games and takes place between November 1 and 12 . With a face-to-face ending at the company’s studios in São Paulo, eight teams compete for playoffs for the title and the $80,000 prize after qualifying through two Goddess Cup qualifiers. The quarterfinals ended this Wednesday, November 2, the pain gaming , Net shoes Miners , Raised and Kai Triumph are the teams that go to the semifinal, that happens in the coming days.

Check out how the games of this phase were, which took place in the format of Best Trees (MD3).

Wednesdays: Day 1 (01/11)

Game 1

Net shoes Miners (1) x Fire Project Girls (0)

Net shoes Miners was the first victorious team of the first day of IGN IS CUP. With 12 slaughter against 8 of the Fire Project Girls, the game ended after almost forty minutes with the effect of Baron Na’Show on the hands of the Miners.

Game 2

Net shoes Miners (2) x Fire Project Girls (0)

The second game in the series gave the semifinal place to Net shoes Miners. The match ended with July and his Heparin as MVP and 12 slaughter in his hands-this time Fire Project Girls could not hold the rhythm of the Miners and only got a single elimination in the 26 minutes of departure.

Game 1

Pain Gaming (1) x Izanagi E-Sports

The second series of the day started with a balanced match between Pain Gamin and Izanagi e-Sports. After 36 minutes of play, Pain managed to close the match with a big gold difference. MVP was Cuteness with its Silas.

Game 2

Pain Gaming (2) x Izanagi E-Sports

Unlike the first match, this time the game was not balanced-Pain Gaming started with a certain disadvantage that was soon won. After that Summoner’s Rift was completely dominated by the PAIN that knocked Nexus in 29 minutes of the game. Top Later Flower ended as the best player.

Wednesdays: Day 2 (02/11)

Game 1

RAISED (1) x Freedom Fighters Project (0)

GNIS Cup’s second day was marked by the first match between Raised and Freedom Fighters Project. Zen completely dominated the map from the beginning and left no room for the FFP, which was defeated before the 30th minute. Out’s advantage was from Raised throughout the game and the highlight of the match was for Star with a Viktor who gave 22k of damage.

Game 2

Freedom Fighters Project (0) x Raised (2)

Even changing sideways the MD3 between Raised and FFP ended with two games. Now on the red side of the map Zen has made an even faster and surgical match-both the top and middle route got advantages that failed to be counters.

Game 1

Rise Gaming (0) X Triumph ESports (1)

The first and disputed game between Rise Gaming and Triumph Kai was the longest of GNIS Cup quarterfinals. Rise started ahead but ended up losing the place to the Kai triumph that opened the series and showed an unlawful Sandra and gangplank during the 43 minutes. The highlight was for history on the top of the top.

Game 2

Rise Gaming (0) X Triumph ESports (2)

Closing the second day of GNIS Cup, the Kai triumph dominated Rise Gaming from the beginning-Gangplak was chosen again and caused both damage and in the first match. Kai won its rivals in the championship and secured its space in the semifinals next Friday (4). History was also the first in the stage to get two MVP titles.

IGN IS CUP semifinal switching

The semifinals now take place in the format of best-of-one on November 3 and four. Check out the next games:

Pain Gaming x Net shoes Miners-03/11