A few months ago one of the most important events of video games was announced in the year 2023 , given that Square Enix sold many studies to embarrass Group Since they did not report many profits. Specifically, all are western where Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal , which apparently already closed.

The reporter Jason Schrader announced through social networks that it is newly renamed division as ONEMA a few weeks ago, it has ended up from its own owners. According to what the informant comments, the study was barely informed today (November 1) that the company’s executives have decided to close this section.

It is worth mentioning that workers will not be fired in an abrupt way as it has happened in other companies, but will be relocated to other departments to continue performing their same functions. So there will be no problems with the video games that they are working together with Xbox as the new Fable .

As for other sibling studies, the rumor was run for a long time that Lidos Montreal canceled some projects currently under development, this for the team to be dedicated to more important franchises. For its part, Zeus Ex continues with a game on the way, game that is still standing and is expected to be the real step to the new generation of the saga.

Way: Bloomberg

Editor’s note: This news is somewhat strange, since changing the name to ONEMA and then disappearing is a not so intelligent decision. However, it could be treated as a plan towards some greater good.