343 Industries has announced that it will expand its partnership with Limitless Solutions, a non-profit organization that offers prostheses for children who have lost their limbs.

Limitless Solutions is a non-profit organization based at Central Florida University, and began as a student group in 2014. The two have partnered since 2018, and have been providing HALO specifications.

With this partnership expansion, the motif of the master chief of Halo Infinite and the CATHERINE-B320 KAT that appears in Halo: REACH is a lineup motif. It will be added to. KAT is also a character wearing her prosthesis because she lost her arm during the mission, and shows her courage and tenacity.


Limitless Solutions is a demonstration of technology that controls prostheses through training video games at Halo World Championship, which will be held in Seattle from October 20 to 23 local hours, and Halo content creators donate. It is said that he will call.