Talking about League of Legends champions is always a synonym for controversy. Every time a new character is released, the community loves him or hates him, he finds him too strong or too weak, among other topics. One of the champions who most talked about its release was Silas, the abbey, which caused a lot of shock in the community because of its unique ultimate, capable of stealing the cults of its opponents. But is she that unique?

Cults are not exactly the only thing Silas steals from their opponents. Some visual effects of the champion’s skills come from other LOL characters, which is actually quite common and has been commented by the game’s own developers: they often use some skill to create other skills.


Silas q-illlaoi q

The Silas whip Q-Current is this way, in part, to the Million tentacle J-Hope. Both skills do practically the same thing: crush their own weapon hard to harm the opponent. Although there may not seem like similarities in the beginning, these effects are very focused on the impact at the end of the skill and slit they create from the huge blow they gave.

Silas E-Leblanc and

The second part of Evasion/Abduction is one of Silas’ most effective as it helps us enter many fights along with our Ultimate so that we can make a big impact on Summoner’s Rift. It looks like Leblanc is partially guilty of this chain throwing effect coming from us.

Here the inspiration is quite noticeable, because although Whereas currents is thinner, the casting effect is practically the same, but a little slower.

Silas R-Bitzcrank Q

Last but not least, we find the Ultimate of Silas, with which he can take the Ultimate of other champions, but even this skill is not original. Her base effects come from blitz crank, with her bionic Q-Put, specifically at the Skin Lancers Redeemer. This is possibly the most explicit effect, as both have chains and end up with a kind of gothic/mechanical arm.

Thus, we have only Regina, which is initially the only completely original movement of Silas.