Marvel Snap is a completely new digital card game of Second Dinner, and is demonstrating to be one of the most fun and fun card game experiences that we have had on mobile devices in a long time. There are many letters to collect, and the large number of letters available may seem discouraging sometimes. Here is everything you need to know about How the card groups work in Marvel Snap and how to enter the mythical land of Pool 3.

Explanation of Marvel Snap card groups

At the time of writing this article, there are a total of three groups of cards in Marvel Snap. Second Dinner has confirmed that two more groups will eventually be added, although there is still no launch date established for that. Its collection level will determine in which card group is currently, and are divided according to the following cl bands:

Group 1: Cl 1-214 *
Group 2: Cl 222-474
Group 3: Cl 486 and beyond (for now)


As your collection level increases when updating cards with potentials and credits, more cards will unlock at various levels of CL. It is important to keep in mind that, although all players will have exactly the same cards when they reach the end of a group, you will not unlock them in the same order.

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For example, a player can unlock Ebony Maw at the beginning of group 2, while another player does not see until Cl 470. This means that as players advance in different groups, their experiences will be different, as well as unlock different cards at different points.

How to increase the collection level

The only way to increase your collection level in Marvel Snap is updating your existing cards. To do this, Boosters will need, which are obtained very naturally simply playing matches, and credits, which are obtained mainly when performing daily missions. You can also buy credits with gold, which serve as Premium currency in Marvel Snap. Gold can be achieved through CL rewards or buying it with real money.

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There are six levels of rarity for letters, and you will get more levels as the rarity increases:

Union common: * 25 credits, 1 cl
Strange: 100 credits, 2 cl
Epic: 200 credits, 4 cl
legendary: * 300 credits, 6 CL
Ultra legendary: 400 credits, 8 cl
Infinity: 500 credits, 10 cl

One last thing to keep in mind is that even if you are looking to quickly increase your CL buying gold, there is also a limit. You can only buy up to 2250 credits every day with gold and update your daily mission three times to get some more credits. This means that it is not possible to simply work in a single day to unlock the entire card collection, and it will still be a time commitment to complete the set.

Then, in essence, just be sure to stay aware of your daily missions to get all the credits you can get, and will eventually enter group 3 to start getting the most interesting letters.

That is all you need to know about how card groups work in Marvel Snap . Be sure to look for to get more tips and information about the game, including our selections of the best starting mallets in groups 1 and 2, and how to know who has the initiative.

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