In our hero guide to Overwatch 2 you can find out:

  • How you unlock all heroes
  • How you get the new heroine Kirk for free

If you have never played the first overwatch, after the tutorial in Overwatch 2 you only have access to 13 of the 35 heroes in the game. You have to unlock the remaining characters first.

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How do I unlock new heroes in Overwatch 2?

You get new heroes in Overwatch 2 by making hero challenges . However, they only consist of playing a certain number of online matches. Which heroes you choose in the matches does not matter.

Tip : As soon as your Heinz unlocks nine matches, you will receive double points for victories. A victory then counts as two matches played.

Held Type Number of matches for activation
Genii Damage 1
D.VA Tank 2
Cassidy Damage 3
Ana Supporter 4
Heinz Damage 9
Junk rat Damage 12
Road hog Tank 15
Symmetry Damage 20
Kenyatta Supporter 25
Bastion Damage 30
Sigma Tank 40
Ashe Damage 50
Brigitte Supporter 60
Ma Damage 70
Doom fist Tank 85
Baptiste Supporter 100
Samba Damage 115
Wrecking Ball Tank 130
Echo Damage 150

SOJOURN and Junker Queen unlock

The two new overwatch-2 heroes SOJOURN and Junker Queen freely switches after **. This gives you access to the remaining game modes in Overwatch 2.

Attention : This method only works during the first season from Overwatch 2, which ends on December 5, 2022. After that, you have to unlock the two heroes about previously unknown challenges.

unlock Kirk

The third new heroine in Overwatch 2 must first unlock both Overwatch veterans and newcomers. You will receive Kirk over the Battle Pass. If you have the premium battle pass (costs: approx. 10 euros), Kirk will be unlocked immediately. If you do not want to invest money, you have to level the free Battle Pass at level 55 , then you will receive the new heroine for free.

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